What was your favorite birthday experience?


My birthdays are pretty typical, to be honest. It mainly consists of celebrating my birthday with my family; I get to pick the dinner and then open some presents. I hardly ever have “parties.”

My favorite birthday experience was last year, though, where I got to go on a murder mystery train and have a five-course meal. It was so cool!




^^That’s my brother. Lol.

So what about you? Have you ever had any favorite birthday experiences?


I gave up celebrating my birthday really. It’s right after Christmas and a few days before new years. So everyone is either broke or have plans.

But for my 40th I’m shooting to spend it at disneyworld. Saving up for that now. Probably wouldn’t be on my birthday cause I already did Disneyland on new year’s, no way in hell I’m doing Disneyworld lol but the 40th is big for me. Never mind it being 40, but it’ll mean I put lives my mom (she was 39 when she did) so it’s a big deal for me to celebrate that one.


I’m the same. I don’t really celebrate my birthday either. It’s just another day. The only exciting rhin I plan on doing this year is buying a bottle of expensive whiskey/bourban since my 30th is around the corner whelp

But the best experience would be the year where a band I was in played at a house party. It was for someone’s birthday and people found out it was mine too. I got free drinks all night. It was a lot of fun.

And yes, I got very drunk…


Haha, when I move out on my own, I think I’ll give up my birthday, too. xD

THAT IS AN AWESOME IDEA! I’d love to save up and go to Disney World! :scream:


It’s a year and a half away so it should be plenty of time for me to save unless I have a serious oh crap moment. I’ve already been getting a rough idea of prices and I’m actually impressed how reasonable it is. I mean it’s still expensive :laughing: but more reasonable than I thought.


Nowadays, as an adult, I don’t really care for my birthday either. It just reminds me I’m getting older and I don’t like that reminder, especially since I’m growing gray hair and I’m only 21!. This year was easy going. I spent most of the day just being inside and staring at the computer. Haha. But my family cooked steak and shrimp and gave me some silly presents. It was more Harry Potter themed, though. And then my sister showed us all a video that she made that made us all cry. Haha.

But otherwise, that was about it. xD


My birthday is on a weird day, so I always do the same thing year after year and never do anything really special, just dinner and presents. :blush: I don’t mind much though, I’ve never felt like going all out for my birthday because it’s celebrating that I’m older and I don’t like it. :joy:


Nice on the birthday. Gray hair young would suck. I have a friend who that happen to him. In the end, he embraced it and it was interesting. Half his hair went gray, and the other half was jet black. It actually looked really kewl.


Is it your birthday? Happy birthday :tada::tada::tada:


That is plenty of time to save up. :slight_smile:

But yeah, it’s better when you do research on prices so you can pinpoint just how much you’ll need. :wink: I do that, too, plus I include extra money I’ll need for souvenirs. Last year, we had a carnival and I took my little sister and her friend to it, but I made sure I had enough for tickets, food, and games. I had like a hundred or so dollars with me, and I spent it all. xD


Weird day, how?

And nah. I recently had my birthday though (two months ago, up in March). :blush:


Thanks! :blush:

Yeah, it does. I’ve had it ever since was fifteen or sixteen, but it’s genetic. My grandmother used to get gray hair, too, when she was younger and so, she dyed it all the time. xD For me, I like to embrace it because I’d love to dye my hair white, but since I have really dark hair, hairstylists had said that it’s nearly impossible for me to dye it white or gray.

Oh that does sound cool! :heart_eyes::sunglasses:


Nice :smiley:

Yeah, it was interesting for him. The gray went through his hair like lightning bolts (best way I can describe it). It looked awesome


Aw I went through all the trouble of finding the right emoji I was so proud of myself :joy: Happy really belated birthday then!

Weird in the sense that imagine-the-worst-day-you-could-be-born-on day :relieved:


Haha, it was still lovely! :rofl::blush::confetti_ball::sparkler::fireworks::balloon:

I wouldn’t know which day would be the worst day. xD Maybe Leap Year (February 29th) 'cause that only comes once every four years? :four_leaf_clover:

Either that or you share Adolf Hitler’s birthday, April 20th? xD :skull_and_crossbones:


No it’s another day haha but i’d rather not say it here :relaxed: but i had no idea Adolf Hitler’s birthday was April 20th lmao?? I know someone born that day :joy: I doubt they actually know it too :sweat_smile:


Having your birthday fall on April Fools Day would be annoying…

People setup a birthday party for you. You turn up and no one is there. Just as you’re about to leave and feel bummed out that you were set up, people jump out and say, “April Fools” instead of happy birthday


I actually didn’t know either until I looked it up. xD


That would be annoying!


It would be lol. Glad mine isn’t close to that lol