What was your first horror movie, and horror book?



Can you remember your first horror film and horror book? Mine was Friday the 13th part 1, I went on later in my teens watching the rest with friends and beers, guessing who and what bizarre way they would be killed was always a very fond game of ours. And I think my first horror book was Thinner by Stephen King, but don’t remember it. I always wanted to have the patience to read a lot but too many distractions, had a friend who read a lot of James Herbert and would tell me about them, very jealous of his focus. I will be now starting to switch my audible collection to horror now I have bounced around Scalzi, Gaiman and other Scifi and fantasy writers.

Looking forward to your answers and will be helpful as I start stepping into this genre again.



Alien was my first horror film, and I think my first horror book was one called ‘The Ragwitch’ by Garth Nix. Not sure how it would hold up now, but it scared me pretty well when I was little and reading it with a torch under my covers. If you’re looking to get into some new horror books, I really enjoyed Darcy Coates’ books recently.


My first horror movie was “A Quiet Place” and I freaking LOVED it. I’m quite weak in terms of jump scares and I’m known to throw my arms out and fall to the floor. As for books, it’s either “The Last Apprentice” series or Hide and Seek here on Wattpad.


Thanks, I will look into Darcy, I still think Aliens is one of the best sci fi horrors to date.


Cheers, jump scares for me was the first release of Halloween, didn’t think it was horror more of a thriller, but the jump scenes always got me. Will look out for the Last Apprentice, and starting to add Wattpad books onto my list to read when I have time.

Thanks Leigh


First horror movie: The Woman in Black, because I had just turned 13 when it came out and was finally able to see a horror movie in the theater. I know it has a bad rep because of Daniel Radcliffe’s atrocious acting, but the atmosphere was actually really creepy and the horror was beautifully done in my opinion~

First horror book: The Shining by Stephen King. I haven’t read too many horror books, but this book was genuinely scary to me.

Current obsessions though: The horror movie Hereditary and Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman” graphic novels. Issue six is AMAZINGLY SCARY and can be read out-of-context


First horror movie that I can actually remember was Paranormal Activity. My parents were incredibly uptite about us not watching anything over PG, rare times we could watch movies PG-13. We managed to get them to let us watch Paranormal Activity since it was rated that high because of language rather than anything else.

Horror book was Stephen King’s Cujo.


Hi, not seen the woman in black, to me watching any other film with Radcliffe in would feel strange and would keep expecting him to whip his wand out at any minute shouting “Stoopify!!”. Sandman I read heavily when I was younger, now got my daughter to buy them, I have tried to re read them but it doesn’t grab me like his books do.



I mean, if you love horror movies, don’t watch it because his acting IS really bad, and apparently he was married and had a kid even though the film was made right after Harry Potter, so he looked too young for the part :joy: That was my FIRST horror movie, not my favorite!

I love Sandman because Gaiman has always had a very visual storytelling style, and the graphic novel medium seemed to fit with him perfectly because he could tell a story with beautiful illustrations AND writing. But to each their own~ I love his writing too, though. The Graveyard Book was my childhood obsession, and I love American Gods too


Never seen the paranormal activity series, not really appealing to me but guess the closest would be Poltergeist which when I was younger extremely scary. Watched Cujo when I was younger and I now see that dog in every big white dog I see, I wonder how much the book will be different to the film and what I remember.



Love Gaimans books, Neverwhere and American Gods are amazing, need to buy more I think, just been going on a Scalzi rampage recently so decided to start looking at horror now I am writing horror. And need to start watching more again, maybe some old classics like the Omen films.


My first horror book was when I was twelve. It was It by Stephen King. I stayed up for a week after reading that book. It was awesome. I don’t remember my first horror film, I think it was one of the Freddy or Jason movies.


Horror as a kid didn’t scare me, I could watch Freddy, Jason, michael or leatherface with no issue, then when I became an adult no more for me, couldn’t watch them. I then watched the ring and decided never again!! But since I started to write (couple of weeks now) the taste has come back. Think my audible account will now start looking a little scarier!


I think the first horror book(s) for me were the Goosebumps series. Those books are my childhood and I was obsessed with them!

First horror movie- I can only remember the one I saw in theaters- The Mist. It was such a big event for me since I got to see a rated R movie as a kid.:joy:


I never read the goosebumps series (starting to see just how much I missed out on in my childhood, however think I was into my late teens when these came out), but will be giving the mist a viewing if I can.


I guess the first horror movie I recall seeing was “The Child’s Play” (Chucky) - I still remember a particular scene where some man got trapped on some assembly line for toys and his own eyes got gouged out and replaced by doll’s eyes.
And about the book? I’m joining the Goosebumps club :slight_smile:


Childs play scared the crap out of me, anything small running around with a large knife, well thats enough to put you off any kind of kids toy, I saw a short film (like a hammer house episode I think) where a small native statue did the same, that scared my mind as I was only found at the time.


I always loved Nightmare on elm street! I watched it when I was 12 my mom was surprised that I fell asleep that night.


First movie will have been The Lost Boys, which I saw at a children’s birthday party as a kid. The first horror book will have been something by Stephen King. Possibly The Shining.


Movie I’m not sure of, some of those late 90’s horror flicks, perhaps Scream or its sequel.

Book: Stephen King’s Pet Sematary.