What was your first job?


I can, yes.

I got my first job in 2011 - after I graduated from high school, I believe. And it was for a kitchen staff/dishwasher position at a hotel since my Mom knew the owner of said hotel.

I sadly don’t know as I’m still trying to gain self-confidence myself, so…


I got my first job when graduate, im an office person tht sometimes i want to throw myself out of the window whn im bored :grin::grin::grin::grin:


Ur a hero. I applaud people like u dude!:clap::clap::muscle:


Hahaha :joy::joy:


And u keep standing


They were used Levi’s used but I prefer to call them “vintage”. LOL :grin:


Hahah in Philippines we called it ukay ukay - used clothes. Whc means mixed!


Cool ! :D:D Is that in Tagalog?


Yes. Mixed bcz we just put them in heap lol


Oh, hhaaa. I have a fascination with languages but could speak none, lol


Hahah its fun really to know few words in other languages plus it makes u cool


Definitely. What other languages do you know?


Well not so many, but only dialects here in Philippines. And few words in different countries. Hahaha u?


That must be hard. I don’t recall ever lacking confidence, even when I was tormented at school for being a brown girl among the English roses. It was awful— day to day, hour to hour— being the focus of so much nastiness, but I never felt like I deserved it.

Mum’s a solicitor (lawyer) and was always so wrapped up in her work that I had a feral childhood, which taught me both self-reliance and low cunning. As long as I came home approximately on time with no major damage, she didn’t much care what I did or where.

One thing that does terrify me: being the centre of attention in a crowd. I hate being stared at. My nerves scream DANGER!

In any event, I hope you can find some ways of dealing with your shyness.


I actually recently got my first job. It was at Kmart. I guess the best tip I could give is to rely on the experience that you do have and to catch a really wide net. Also learn from every mistake you’ve made?


I babysat full-time in the summer as a teen, but my first job was selling Cutco. I didn’t like sales though and became a guard instead.


For two summers in college, I worked in a photo lab. Pre-digital cameras (1993/1994), so this was developing actual film in an actual dark room! It was a surprisingly interesting job.


I worked at a sandwich shop for almost two years in high school. It was kind of like subway, but a little nicer. Wasn’t the best thing, since I got paid crap and never got a raise in the time I was there, but they worked well with my schedule, which was really important to me at the time. I’ve been a piano/guitar/English tutor since, and it’s been good.


My first ever job was as a part time cleaner that I did in the evenings after college. I did a lot of different part time work through college and university - cleaner at a college, cleaner at a nursing home, pan and plate washer in a pub kitchen, kitchen assistant in a retirement home, data entry for a mortgage company, drivers mate on a university late night safety bus.

My first full time job after graduating was as a field archaeologist - which was good as that was what i’d done my degree in.


I worked as a delivery guy (well, boy… I was like 17) for some “mom’s and pop’s” type of grocery store. Except there was no mom in the picture.
I wasn’t fired per-se, it was a mutual agreement between me and the owner that it would be better for both parties if I leave.
I suffer from epilepsy. At the time I was in denial and didn’t go to have it diagnosed properly.
What lead to our agreement for my leave was a rather gruesome scene. Let’s skip to the more amusing part of it: the owner tried to do an exorcism on me. Considering I still had to be picked up by medics and no evil smoke beast left my body while screeching, I’ll go ahead and assume it didn’t work.