What was your first job?


My first paid job was a dishwasher and buffet tender at my friend’s grandparents’ German restaurant and winery. Summer of 2007 and it was pretty frickin’ miserable. (I am still good friends with my friend, we just kind of skip over that summer by mutual agreement - they were waitressing in a dirndle and I’m pretty sure we’d both rather just forget it).

I spent the summers of 2008-2013 working on a dinner boat as a waitress/bartender/bow person. I graduated college May of 2013 and picked up a second job as a host/busser at the nearby fancy hotel, too, because I needed to try to stockpile to pay my student loans while I was recovering from surgery and couldn’t work.

I’ve spent the past 5 summers as a quality control/quality assurance lab technician for an asphalt company. I’ve been the only lab tech at my current location for 3 of those 5 summers.

Annnnd I was told yesterday that the company I’d interviewed with (also yesterday) intends to offer me the job. If that happens, then I’d be working in a food lab testing new recipes for cheesecake.


Terrible to live through, but it would make an incredible story.


I was a teacher, taught for almost 4 years. It was my first and last job.


Other than babysitting and petsitting, my first job was working at a small pet shop.


I worked at a festival, it was a terrible job.


My first job was a doctor! :laughing: I’m such a nerd! LOL!


In high school, I babysat a few kids. Then after my senior year I applied to a least ten different jobs and didn’t get a response from any of them. I started working with my mom as a painter after my freshman year of college, which I suppose that would be my first job, although I didn’t have to do an interview or anything.


my first job was at starbucks.


mi primer trabajo fue en una farmacia!!! y fue lo peorrr !! no sabia nada de nadaaa … nisiquiera que servia para un dolor de cabeza ( bueno tampoco así , pero algo ) y el primer dia me pusieron directamente con atención al publico ( culpa de mi jefa , me tenia como rabia ) , fue mi peor primer día .
cada vez que me pedían algo tenia que buscar ayuda , y los clientes se quejaban , titubeaba y de paso no podía sentarme … tuve todo el día a excepcion de mi hora de almuerzo , parada…
cuando llegue a mi casa estaba suuuuper cansada … fue lo peor


Hola :slight_smile:

Te entiendo y siento por ti :slight_smile: Pero mira de esta manera- aprendiste algo nuevo y creciste como persona =]


I was a team member at Arbys when I was 17 lol I hated it so much


Worked on a small farm stacking hay bales and mucking up cow sh!t.


I worked at Burger King for my first job, and I was also eighteen, barely out of high school. I also do not enjoy people, talking on the phone or any of that stuff. I just like to keep to myself, but they put me on window after 2 weeks and I found out I was really great. I quit there after 5 weeks (personal problems with management). I then worked at Wendy’s for 8 months and that also put me on window because I was very fast and good with that. I had a lot of patience with customers. I currently work at a regular store (like a small version of Walmart) and have been here for almost 1.5 years. I get a lot of good survey mentions and such, so really, anyone can do it. You can step up to the plate and easily get noticed as someone who’s great with people (even if you are shy or don’t like people). Just do it.


My first job was the United States Navy!


I helped my granddad on the ranch: mucking out, harnessing the teams, feeding hay to cattle, fixing fence.

Never really thought of it as a job. No pay and no punishment.


My first job was at this rich mall down by the beach, and i worked in a clothing store called Francesca’s. Most of the clothes there were expensive even with my 25% discount and despite how much talking they wanted us to do with the customers I’m still shy till this day.


I worked at a golf course as a cart attendant. It was hard work, and closing sucked because I had to watch out for the raccoons that lived in the barn. Besides that, I got to drive around the golf course and watch people play which was cool. So it wasn’t all bad.


First job was maintaining a filbert orchard for my parents- tractor driving, shoveling, weeding. But I was outside and by myself. It took four months of hard work to get it all ready. Got paid about 700 at the end of the season- which was a lot, back in the day. First actual job out in the real world was at a greenhouse. Interesting work, but the boss was a real @*&^%, so I only lasted a few months.

Being that I was a non-joiner/introvert/non-conformist, I found later on- after spending a hellish summer doing door-to-door sales- that I was better suited to warehouse work. I could be by myself a lot, do hard work, but occasionally get called up front to help customers at the counter.

I believe that it’s important to develop people skills, and that anyone can, if they have the desire. Sure, it takes more energy for someone with social anxiety to function well in a crowd (or face to face) than it does for someone who’s outgoing (extroverted)- but people skills make you more employable.

By the way, I’ve been around a long time, and I still hate parties and other social functions, unless I can spend most of the time, off in a corner, talking with someone. That’s why I ended up becoming a technical writer.


My first job for people other than family was working on boats. I took sailing lessons and liked roaming around to look at the sailboats on the hard. Seeing someone fitting a plank, etc. I’d ask if I could lend a hand. I got invited to show up the next weekend and soon I was doing a variety of jobs.

In lieu of pay, I asked for tools. Some of the yachties would give me really nice old hand tools and before long I had my own bag of woodworking gear. A year or so along, I was getting hired on a regular basis to help with interesting stuff like restoring old yachts and being paid by the hour.

Pretty unusual for a girl. But I loved it!


I got my first job when I turned 16. I wanted to work at a aquarium zoo in my hometown which had dolphins, sea lions etc, but I unfortunately I was not hired. So in the end I got a job as a cashier in the supermarket close to my house.
In the beginning I hated it, but I got money and eventually I had a very nice group of colleagues which made it a very fun job actually lol.

I stayed there for 3 years while I went of to study and i only quit the job when I was no longer able to combine it with study, other jobs and private life since I had also moved to a different city. After that I started work in my own field and a few years later I became a Freelancer.