What was your first job?


The Military right out of high school : _:


My first job was making memes and sorry, i don’t remember when i started working


My first job was working at a deli/bar located downtown. It was a fairly nice summer job and over 80% of the customers who came in were nice elderly people who came to play poker (we had a lot of poker nights and specials). The deli part was more kid friendly and we had a lot of families come in.
I had a lot of anxiety interacting with people so working there really helped my social skills.


Mi primer trabajo fue en un local de un familiar. siempre hay gente que te ayuda


I’m on my first job. Admin offer.


It never gets easier, trust me. (I have anxiety and am socially awkward too). My first “real” job was working at a bookstore. But, I was a stablehand before that. Idk if that considers a job or not. I am currently a stablehand and barista right now.