What Will Your Character... Game



Lets play this game-
I will ask you a question beginning with “What will your character…” and you’ve to reply to the question. Then you will ask a question about my character and the game will go on.
If you see this please reply and save me from the dark pits of boredom.

Q. What will your character do if someone express their love?


Aaron - “You’re lost aren’t you?”
Argo - blushing “w-what? Ummm”
Nolan - wasnt paying attention “I’m sorry. You were saying something?”
Aliyah - “No thank you”
Yousuf - “lol”
Ja’ari - “I’m already married. Go away”
Faith - “…” acknowledges your affection but confused if she feels the same
Etlish - “uhhhh Thank you?” blushing

What will you character do if they find a pizza man at their door even though they never ordered?


Sora - “I didn’t order this, maybe You got the wrong address?”
Lilith - “Nice” takes the pizza
Gyl - “I didn’t order this but…” takes it anyways

What will Your character do if they witness a murder?


That’s me mum

Aaron - investigates the crime scene
Argo - unfazed but confused. He’ll probably do a prayer
Nolan - “the hell?..”
Elias - petrified, gets flashbacks from his past and runs
Aliyah - gasps in horror, screams and runs
Yousuf - “not this again” upset
Ja’ari - “…” walks past the body*
Etlish - “who the hell… who killed you?” bends down and examines body
James - “oooooooh” “poor human”
Faith - unfazed, does a silent prayer for the dead body, walks by
Marcus - “Oh no”
Bastion - “well… I didn’t do it. Who did?”
Michealis - “Oh shit! He’s/she’s dead! Oh no! What am I gonna do? Should I call a guard? No wait. First second on midnight patrol and this what happens. Murders are a usual thing in these parts of town, eh?” sighs

What will you character do if they fell?


Thanh - “It’s only a fall.” walks away with multiple bleeding cuts and bruises, not acknowledging them until Hanaka tells her to treat them
Hanaka - “God nerfed me why the heckity dang would he do that life is a curse oh my god”
Ana - lies on the floor for a few minutes, totally silent and indifferent
Ashley - “Cooool lol”

What would your character(s) do if someone stole their favourite book?


cole: “Who the hell touched MY STUFFF?”
Curses under his breath before contemplating best way to go about finding the person and murdering them.

Eleanor: frantically searches everywhere because she has a habit of misplacing things. And after that she would definitely cry and be sad for an hour before looking for it again.

Alec: “Oh whatever! Whoever stole my book I hope you also read it and share it!”
Would be happy because someone else would get to read his favourite book and he could share such a gem would be reward in itself for him.

What would your character do if the house was on fire?


Thanh - calls the fire service while frantically screaming, covering her nose with a towel and going the best and safest way out while dragging Hanaka along
Hanaka - “Welp… time to die.”
Ana - “Oh, Jesus Christ! Not again!”
Ashley - “Ugh.” escapes through window, somehow perfectly lands on the ground

What would your character(s) do if their s/o (or if they don’t have one, their best friend) got hurt and had to undertake a surgery?


Aaron - calm and composed but internally worried
Argo - starts overthinking and panics “you’re sure you can trust these people? What if they hurt you?”
Ja’ari - cries and give death death threats to the surgeons “HE BETTER NOT DIE”
Etlish - “everything will be fine. You’ll be fine.”
Aliyah - heavy praying. Praying intensifies
Elias - “nonononono”
Nolan - “Understandable”
Madison - playing around the hospital and having high hopes

What will your character do if they found out a bitter truth?




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Is he a Capricorn? I heard they get reaaal touchy when someone takes their stuff. Maybe idk?

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Ratesh: I have a fiancé.

Casimir: I see.

Dmitri: Yeet.

Greta: Is this a challenge?

Keri: Oh my goodness. :heart:

Lyko: Woof.

Smokey: Woof.

Izia: If only someone truly loved you.


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The best way to express love


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Lyko = a werewolf

Smokey = a great doggo




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Ooo close enough! He’s a Scorpio and you are right about the rest of the stuff
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