What Will Your Character... Game



Why u gotta do that to her ;-; I sed now


Anyone unexpected


Thanh - cries for three hours
Hanaka “It’s alright. I don’t need friends. They disappoint me.”
Ana - “Well, this isn’t the first time it’s happened…”
Ashley - “I’m giving you three seconds to run :)”


Oh, okay then!

Thanh - “Noooo what” blushes furiously
Hanaka - “I’m gay???”
Ana - “I wish my mother would do that to me”
Ashley - “Listen, I’m flattered, but what the fuck”

WWYD if they saw a siren (the mythical kind)?




Thanks. Ashley tries.


Decided to add another character to the mix.

Sora: “Lilith, did You just see that?”
Lilith: “Yeah, I did, I wonder if I can eat it?”
Gyl: “Interesting”
Elise: “Well, that’s one thing I didn’t expect to see today”

WWYCD if they can’t eat their favorite food for a month?


Aaron: “… you better have an explanation for this” dangerous tone of voice
Argo: devastaded “Why… would you do that?” holding back tears
Marcus: “No. no no no. You couldn’t have. Did you?”
Madison: “… laughs off course. I never mattered to you anyway” ready to kill
Etlish: “…” speechless and heart broken
Elias: panics “No, please!” voice cracking
Aliyah: Horrified “…why?”
Alec: “…”
Faith: punches them
Zen: “You’re kidding right? Heh, please tell me you’re joking”
James: “…that was…predictable…thank you for telling…”
Apollo: “YOU ARE SO DEAD!”
Raven: Already used to betrayal so unfazed
Eris: “How could you?! I should’ve known.”
Alister: “…I’m sure you had a reason. I’m all ears”
Albius: “…oh.” heart shattered

Well that was a ride

WWYCD do if they fell into a swimming pool?


That thing. It scares me




Sora: Flashbacks to when She had to fight a giant sea monster “This is fine”
Lilith: “Great now My clothes are all wet”
Gyl: “Well, now that I’m in here might as well take the time to see how long I can hold My breath”
Elise: Immediately tries to swim back out

WWYCD if they encountered a thousand-armed giant? (might be friendly, might be hostile, but who cares it’s a thousand-armed giant)


Aaron: “I have not eaten any of my favourite dishes for a year. Bring it on.”
Argo: “I don’t what’s my favourite dish”
Aliyah: “I’m going to fast and that’s final”
Essa: “Aliyah noO”
Etlish: nods “Guess this is my life now”
Madison: “Guess I’ll die”

WWYCD if they were in a haunted house?


Lilith: “Hey Sora, if We encounter ghosts here, I wonder if I can eat them?”
Sora: “I don’t think so, worth a shot though”
Gyl: Unfazed “I’ve fought hordes and hordes of vampires, what’s a ghost going to do?”
Elise: “Yeah, I’m going to run”

WWYCD if they stepped on a lego brick?


Partners in crime


Ghost: “Oh shit. They scary”


Yeah, I guess Gyl is a bit intimidating.


Apollo: inhales “FUUUUUU” Burns the whole place down
Argo: “OW!” falls down and screams down in agony
Aaron: “ouch!” a few minutes later walks it off


They huge


Madison: “…lets kill it”
Marcus: “uhhhhhhh”
Michealis: “Holy cow what the hell is that?”


WWYCD If they were to risk their lives for their best friend