What Will Your Character... Game



Sora: “That’s just a normal day”
Lilith: Nods in agreement
Gyl: “A vampire hunter is required to be able to lay down their lives at all times, risking our lives is just another part of our job”
Elise: “I’d risk My life for Gyl, although I guess You can say that He’s more than just a best friend, if You get My meaning”

WWYCD if they got trapped in a room with no windows, no doors, with only a tiny air vent and a single lit candle in the middle of the room?


BAAHHAHA My characters are all paranormal investigators so…
Cole: all professional and businesslike
“Let’s hunt some ghosts shall we?”
Ellie: In fighting stance with a silver dagger in hand
“You got some iron on you?”

Alec: Would set up equipment and camera for the investigation
“You two love birds get all the credit while I have to make sure you don’t die in here? How is that fair?” No one appreciates his efforts

WWYCD if they plotting a revenge plan?


Sora: Punch them in the face and crush their balls
Lilith: Humiliate them by making them lose a chess match against Me over and over again
Gyl: Break their legs and use them as bait in the next vampire-hunting mission
Elise: “People make mistakes, let’s just let bygones be bygones”

WWYCD if they came across a never-before-seen, possibly thousands of years old ancient temple?


Aaron: explores it
Argo: cautious and won’t go in
Aliyah: rests in it
Zen; rests in it

WWYCD if they saw a ghost in a bathroom?


Lilith: “I’ve been waiting for a chance to find out if ghosts were edible”
Sora: Looks at it and decides that She’s just tired
Gyl: Ignores it and continues with His business
Elise: Screams and runs away

WWYCD if they came across an alien artifact that’s capable of stopping time?


I have a question. He’s big right? If I hug him will I receive much more warmth than anyone else?


Argo: burns it “I ain’t letting an apocalypse happen again”
Etlish: “Oh” throws it in river “useless”
Alister: “…”
Zen: “Stopping time? That’s all it does?”
Nolander: “Time is fake anyway” abandons it

WWYCD if were to express their love to their significant other?


Well, yes.


Sora: “I love You”
Lilith: “I know”
Elise: Just a simple asking out, nothing too fancy
Gyl: “Not happening”

WWYCD if they find out when the world was going to end?


squeals big bear


Albius: accepts and stays calm
Madison: “Aw hell no! Not again!”
Elias: will take time to accept it but will soon spend enough time with everyone he loves

WWYCD if they were to hug Gyl, the big giant himself?


Sora: “This is getting uncomfortable really quickly”
Lilith: “I can get used to this”
Gyl: “Yeah, I’d hug Myself if I could”
Elise: Breathing heavilyAlright Elise don’t let Your emotions cloud Your judgement He is Your superior don’t do anything that might get You fired oh god I can hear His heartbeat aaaaaaaaaa

WWYCD if thousands of mannequins moved and began to chase them?




Aaron: runs but he’s enjoying it cause it was his dream to witness paranormal activity “HAHAHA!”
Madison: Charges and rams them “JOHN CENAAAAA!”
Argo: attacks them with scythe “STOP CHASING ME!”
Zen: “Run!”
Faith: tries to stand her ground
Etlish: shoots them on impulse “AH!”

WWYCD if they had experienced sleep paralysis?


Sora: “That was weird”
Lilith: “Alright so I experienced the weirdest s#it last night-”
Gyl: “Well, I guess it’s better than the usual incoherent nonsense”
Elise: Goes to Gyl to talk about it

WWYCD if they had a lucid dream? What would they do in it?


I ship it

Aaron: tries to live and choose according to what he always wanted to do. He’d probably repeat his life and try to make better results. But. The more he does that the more he’ll hate the reality and himself
Argo: confused because he always had night terrors. Try to live comfortably and silently
Etlish: try to live a normal life
Ja’ari: spends all her love and life on her husband
Madison: kill everyone who hurt her in the past. Repeat
Zen: build a house. Imagine living and caring for Argo and Aesthete. And only live for them. Run around in fields and chase squirrels
Marcus: revisits the people he missed the most
Bastion: being a blacksmith
Aesthete: thinking about finally being a hero and protecting her family
Elias: loves his mummy
Aliyah: loves and overprotective of his big brother
Essa: loves his little sister
Faith: dream of peace and happiness. No war, no conflict, no hate
Nolan: would want to dream through the mind of someone else
Apollo: would want to dream through Nolan’s mind
Nolander: “I can’t even sleep ):frowning:

WWYCD if they saw someone being bullied?


Sora: Punches the bullies “Telling them off is a temporary solution, so I’m going to take care of them, permanently
Lilith: Humiliates the bullies so bad they can’t even go outside anymore
Gyl: “While that does piss Me off, I’m not in any position to butt in”
Elise: Helps said someone get through it as best as She can

WWYCD if they were wrongly accused for a crime they didn’t commit?


Aaron: provides logic reasoning
Argo: “I didn’t do it!” struggles
Madison: “?..Prepare to die!”

WWYCD if they were to play a video game?


Lilith: Would play a fighting game with Sora
Sora: Would lose over and over again to Lilith
Gyl: Would play a strategy game “Is this considered training?”
Elise: Would play a horror game “Why am I even playing this- oh hey that guy reminds Me of Gyl”

WWYCD if they came across a giant donut?


…she’s playing a horror game and she found a dude who is big as Gyl…I’m scared…

Argo: “no thank you”
Etlish: touches her cheek as if she has a toothache
Aaron: “What is that?”
Madison: loud gasp. Runs to eat it
Bastion: “I shouldn’t! But the urge is strong”
Elias: sweats

WWYCD if they were to review a novel?