What Will Your Character... Game



Sora: Doesn’t read novels
Lilith: “If it ain’t a cook book I’m not reading it”
Gyl: “Eh, I’ll let Elise handle it”
Elise: Points out the goods and the bads, critiques it as best as She can

and a special guest since it’s about books…
Diami: Memorizes the whole thing within a single night “Hey, who knows when this book is going to become rare, so I might as well memorize it now”

WWYCD if they get swatted? (The actual SWAT, not “swatting” of the fly kind, You know what I mean)


Not gonna lie but I might have exaggerated Gyl’s size quite a bit.

The lion and the penguin comparison thing was just because I couldn’t think of anything else at the time.


Elena would most definitively shit her pants. She is the world’s most wanted fugitive after all

WWYC do if they weren given the chance to go back in time


Tony- Feels awkward and doesn’t say anything
Lily- Stares at Tony with no reaction
Tony- Tries to speak"Hey whats up" looks down
Lily- Walks away
Tony- Gets angry at self


Ahaha but you didn’t write a new question? I’ll just answer @AutoridadGlobal’s.

Jade: “Sweeeet.” goes back and buys everything when it was way cheap even though she’s literally a millionaire
Damian: "You do realize that we could be using that for responsible purposes that would ben-- "
Jade: “Shut it.”

What will your character(s) do if they read a fanfic that shipped them non-canonly.


Ciecro: …“dah heck?”
Jaron: (chuckling) guess you’re the popular one.
Ciecro: Can it shrimp!

What will your character(s) do should they suddenly find themselves in a dungeon labyrinth?


Jade: calls Damian
Damian: over interface “How the hell – hang on, we’ll get you out of there.”
Damian: “You really do have a knack for getting yourself into dangerous situations, don’t you.”

What will your character do if they are last-minute charged with babysitting five kids, ages 2-4?


I dont always have an answer


Oh sorry

WWYCD if someone they loved suddenly died


More than likely, Jaron would tense up and start shaking a lot while getting flashbacks of some things. Probably would be very defensive and lash out if someone tried to hug or touch him aside from a few individuals. Might even get verbal depending on person.

WWYCD if they are late for a meet up date with someone close to them?


Jasmine probably wouldn’t care much and be fine.

What will your character do if they forget everything?


“It would probably be a blessing to forget everything.”

WWYCD If they were thrown into an unfair fight?


Talia: “Win.”
Adyln: “Rescue her.”

What will your character do if they are asked out by someone they don’t like?


Aaron: groans and rolls his eyes “…no”
Argo: disgusted and reluctant to agree
Eleanor: “Fuck you”
Ja’ari: ignores
Nolan: “uhhhh…”
Madison: “hahaHAHAHAH”
Marcus: cautious and disagree
Etlish: “Desperate aren’t you?”

WWYCD if they found out someone was stalking them?


I’m going to take it as the characters find someone following them close by.

Sora: Faces the stalker and screams “you want a fucking fight or something!?”
Lilith: Runs away.
Gyl: “While I do find the idea of you finding Me so attractive that you decided to follow Me
pleasing, can you stop?”

WWYCD if them and their best friend are forced to fight to the death?


Aaron: “Haha What”
Michealis: “That’s not funny. They want us to fight.”
Aaron: “…”
Michealis: “…”
Aaron: “…Prepare to die!”
Michealis: “NO!”

WWYCD if they knew when and how they would die?


Sora: “Oh, ok then” probably forgets about it in a few weeks
Lilith: “Well, since I know that I won’t die until then… Doesn’t that mean I can fight anything and do anything I want without any risk of dying?”
Gyl: shrugs it off

WWYCD if they gained a clone of themselves that they could order to do whatever they want for a single day? (after 24 hours have passed the clone will disappear)


Etlish: teamwork
Argo: creeped out and confused
Madison: kills it the second she sees it “This town ain’t big enough for the two of us!”

WWYCD if they were on wattpad


Keeping the priorities straight huh?


Adyln would start a really amazing book and get tons of fans and then abandon it on a cliff hanger. Possibly intentionally.

What will your character do if they are disowned?(/abandoned if that fits better).