What Will Your Character... Game



Mandy was silent for a moment,“I…” she swallowed,“I was already abandoned. Not by choice but by force.”

WWYCD: If they were stuck in a middle of an all out war?


Poor Mandy.

Talia: “Kick some butt.”
Regan: “Protect my country – and my sister, who’s probably doing all sorts of reckless things.”
Talia: “HEY.”

What will your character do if granted the ability to time travel? (and let’s call it Prisoner of Azkaban rules: you were always in the past the first time. You can’t change anything).


Mandy watched her old self jump into a car with her best friend driving off. She had changed into different clothes before doing this so she hoped her parents would n’t notice anything. Mandy ran up to the door opening it to see her dad packing his stuff for his next and last tour.

He looks up at her surprised," Mandy?"

She ran over hugging him sobbing muttering how much she missed him and that she tried.

WWYCD: if they woke up as a character in My little pony FiM


Aesthete: “…I must hunt”
Elias: “What the…where am I ?”
Aliyah: confused

WWYCD if they were to give a harsh critique to someone(choice whether they want to or not)


Mephiles would more than likely build an essay of everything he thought the person had wrong, that aggravated him, or what he believed was incompetent and say it all with a straight face.

WWYCD should they find themselves dumped via text?


Apollo: pissed and go to that persons house breaks down door : “YOU FUCKIN’ DUMPED ME YOU MOTHERFUCKIN’ DIPSHIT!”

WWYCD if they were to go on a date?


Sora, Lilith, & Gyl: Goes there, maybe make some small talk, but what the hell they only came because of the food.

WWYCD if the world was overrun by predatory aliens that looked like puppies?


Aesthete: “Burn them all”
Etlish: reloads gun “Cute or not, you’re evil”

WWYCD if they a naked man in the shower


Sora: Steps back, but eventually gains Her composure “It’s okay, take Your time”
Lilith: Turns around and walks away “That’s wasn’t something that I expected to see today”
Gyl: unfazed “Oh, hi there, You don’t mind if I shower with You, right?”

WWYCD if they broke a world record? (Which world record they broke is up to You)


Etlish: does not care
Bastion: “HELL YEAH!” celebrates with beer

WWYCD when they were about to give an exam


Grant: Hyperventilates and asks to go to the nurse because he’s feeling sick.
WWYCD if they were invited to a party their crush was hosting?


Zen: follows them around cuz he’s a big pupper
Etlish: tries to act normal but will try everything she can to Strick up a conversation with their crush
Aesthete: she is a smol baby who hasn’t gone through puberty so she don’t have a crush
Bastion: get drunk first
Argo: stays away from the crowd but will pet the cat. Wait for their crush to come back

WWYCD if they were given the chance to take up a different job, what would that job be?


Margo did take up a different job. At first she was in marketing for a medicine company. In the end, she became a published author.

WWYCD if they witnessed a murder late at night?


Argo, Aaron, Etlish, Zen, Marcus, Faith, Nolan, Michealis, O’Neil, Eris - all of them would try to stop or capture the murderer

WWYCD if they see child labour?


Mandy shrugs,“We need all hands on deck.”

WWYCD If they were in high-school or middle school again?


Margo would die if she were in middle or high school again. There’s no way she’d ever want to lose Ben from Sabrina again.

WWYCD if someone they disagreed with politically ran for president?


Etlish: pulls out gun
Bastion: “Time to be an assassin”

WWYCD if they saw a ritual happening right inside their house?


Dolly would promptly walk in, beat them all up, and get the low down on what the actual heck were they doing?

WWYCD if everyone in the world seemed to not know they were there.


Talia: “Um, freak out.”

What will your character do if they are ever brought face-to-face with Bella Swan? (haha)


Mandy walks up to Bella calm as could be then smacks her," No bad girl! You don’t date vampires who only want you for blood!"

WWYCD if they found out their loved one died in battle?