What Will Your Character... Game



Jasmine would find the body and bring the person back to life.

WWYCD if they found out they were the chosen one to save the world?


Argo: groans “I know…”
Aaron: “wtf” upset for the entire
Etlish: “I went through hell and now you’re telling me that I’m the chosen one? Go to hell”
Bastion: “Finally someone recognises my importance!”
Marcus: “Bastion, I think they’re joking.”
Bastion: “What”

WWYCD if they were to live on a farm for a month?


Sora: “If Lilith is fine with it, I’m fine with it, I just hope that Lilith doesn’t want us to eat more spiders again” shudders
Lilith: “Farm life doesn’t sound too bad, it would be a nice break from our normal days”
Gyl: “I would normally refuse, but because I’m off-duty (in the plot rn) anyways, I might as well go”
Elise: “A farm? For a month? I was risen in a farm, so hell yeah I’ll go”

WWYCD if they gained the power to stop time, but only for 10 seconds?


Aaron: would never use it because he doesn’t see the need to
Bastion: “Hell yes”
Marcus: “That’s useless, Bastion.”
Bastion: “Shut up.”
Elias: use it again and again because he doesn’t know how to use it properly
Argo: “image https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQn8Zf3nc5SqNoGgqDbRCQmy5D7d0tMuGzyOIRrVLhV-vNlepAqwJuOqgfB”


WWYCD if they saw food resting in the middle of the forest? (It could be a trap)


Jasmine struggles with an eating disorder and would ignore it.

WWYCD if they found out a friend was in hospice?


Gadget would rush to that person’s side and stay there for a while

WWYCD if they were stuck in a canyon?


Madison: chillin’
Bastion: “This is a big hole…”
Apollo: “Awww Fuck no!”

WWYCD if they were to go as undercover?


Members of the organization typically try to do something to either obscure their eyes or what color they look like since their shade of red eyes are unique compared to normal red eye’d folk.

WWYCD: If they needed to make a deposit, but the bank line is so full it goes out the door?


(Tower is middle ages so this is another story) :stuck_out_tongue:
Doll’d flash her ID and cut the line. Perks of having her job.

WWYCD if there best friend (or closest companion) turned up murdered?


(OMG, I’ve literally done this…)

Infinite would go crazy with grief and things would escalate quickly…

Your character is wanted by everyone that’s higher on the social ladder, and turning yourself in is EXACTLY what you were told not to do… WWYCD?


(lol really? Poor mc…)

— Okay I’m going to story hop again bc this fits yet another non-wp really well again. :joy:
Jade would for sure not turn herself in, but she has no problem betraying others if it would keep her safe. (In the beginning, in the beginning!) She’d find people sympathetic to her cause and try to overthrow exactly everyone who is threatening her.

WWYCD if they were punched in the face?


Jasmine would punch them back. Maybe even kill them if she was REALLY angry.

WWYCD if they found themselves stranded on an island?


Thea would disapparate (basically teleport) right off. It would be impossible to strand her on an island.

WWYCD if they were asked to pet sit their best friend’s noisy parrot?


Their best friend doesn’t own a parrot, but theoretically, they’d pet it out of courtesy.

WWYCD if they found $1000 on the street?


Riley would keep it, of course.

WWYCD if they had to babysit for a day?


die, probably.

WWYCD if they had to go to war?


Wren wouldn’t mind it. She knows her combat and she knows how to use guns. However, war would probably drain her mentally. she may seem really emotionless but war is on another level of bottling feelings.

WWYCD if they were kidnapped and told that they’re going to be the new queen/king of a small yet prospering country?


Ava: Lee, I love you.
Lee: Thing is Ava, there was a time where I had a massive crush on you. But with Charlie and Lola and the rape, I can’t date you. The memories will come flooding back.
Ava: Laughing nervously Err it was only a joke, just a dare, that’s all. But, did you mean what you said?
Lee: Ava, that’s why I walked away, why I can’t be friends with you anymore.

Q: What will your character do if their idol forced themselves onto your character?


I have 120 pens and half of them are blue biros. :sweat_smile::hot_face: