What Will Your Character... Game



Sora: “Lilith, I don’t know what You’re doing or why You’re doing this, but I’m just going to say that it’s making Me uncomfortable”

Lilith: “Wait a minute… My mom is supposed to be dead so how the fuck?”

Gyl: “Ah yes, I would totally like to get raped by Myself”

Elise: “Wait, Gyl, I don’t think My heart is ready for this, seriously stop what the fuck?”

WWYCD if they were trapped in a game of poker where their souls would be stolen if they lost the game?


That sounds intense.
And oddly like yu-gi-oh. You a fan?
Talia would probably use her powers to cheat, tbh. She’d not like the odds there.

What would your character do if they suspected they were being stalked?


Pre-first book, Thea would run and try to handle it on her own. Once she develops relationships with the other characters, she would confide in them, and they would deal with the situation together.

WWYCD if they witnessed a murder?


My character Celie would probs run away in blind terror, and then realize that she should’ve called the cops. Would definitely beat herself up for not doing more to help and for staying alive while the victim is dead.

WWYCD if they saw a shadow while walking alone in a dark stairwell?


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Regan would keep his hand on his sword, but keep moving unless confronted.

What would your character do if they fell off the boat/ship they’d been on, but no one saw? (so the boat keeps moving).


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Celie would scream and call for help, but if no one noticed she’d swim out of desperation. Not really a strong swimmer since as a child her mom didn’t let her do anything besides piano, but she would give it a go.


Jasmine would have to accept it and die. But if it’s the third story, she would have connections with The Element of Water.

What will your character do if they close down Disney Land?


Sora: “I don’t know what that place is”

Lilith: “I also don’t know, but it sounded like a fun place and I didn’t get the chance to go there”

Gyl: “Vampires often target crowded areas, good strategic move there”

Elise: “It’s a good strategic move, and the place sounds silly anyways so I’m glad it closed down”

WWYCD if they’re trapped in a room with a timed bomb in the middle of it?


Actually no, it’s just from JoJo part 3, the fight against D’Arby, where they need to win a game of poker or else their soul gets stolen.


Aslan would try and stay calm and defuse the bomb and then realise that he is not smart enough to do it and cry and think about what he’ll reincarnate into in his next life.

WWYCD if they we handed a suspicious bag of stuff?


Dolly would express her gratitude and kindly request what is inside it. Trying to be polite while also not participating in anything illegal.

WWYCD: if they noticed someone breaking into a back door in an alley they were passing by?


Tai wouldn’t care at all, but his floating friend would probably drag him along with her to check it out and end up dealing with it if it turned out to be trouble.

WWYCD if they played chubby bunny and choked on marshmallows?


If Wren choked, Aslan would freak out and start doing CPR completely wrong.

WWYCD if they accidentally walked into the middle of a street fight?


Sora: Sits back and relax watching the street fight unfold.

Lilith: Goes around to the nearby watchers, asking if they wanted to place any bets.

Gyl: Ignores it.

Elise: Forced to follow Gyl, since She’s His subordinate “Shouldn’t We at least try and stop them? Gyl? Hello?”

WWYCD if they need to spend a night in a demon-infested mansion?


Jasmine would try to make the best of it.

WWYCD if they knew a family member was part of the mafia?


narc on them lol

WWYCD if they found out they had an identical twin?


William would most probably scream more due to irritation as to shock, since a lot of things are currently happening in his life.

What would your character do if they had to choose their parabatai among the Lightwood siblings? (imagine Alex not being Jace’s parabatai)

OR (in case you aren’t a TMI fan)

What would your character do if they wake up the next morning with (someone else’s) blood dripping from their hands?


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I am, unfortunately, not A TMI fan.
So the second one.

Talia would probably freak out for a few minutes, and then try to use her magic to find out what had happened.

WWYCD if they woke up and none of their friends and family remembered them?


Jasmine would cry and freak out.

WWYCD if they got pulled over and didn’t have their wallet on them?


Adyln and Talia would probably make a fake with magic. Marie would charm/flirt with the cop until he let her go. Regan would pull rank.
That would never never happen to Isaac.

What would your character do if they suspected a family member of being a part of organized crime?