What Will Your Character... Game



She’d likely stay away from them.

What would your character do if they stayed up all night?


Stay up another few, because Kyte’s pretty neglectful about his health.

WWYCD if they played video games until their eyes burned?


Talia: People do that?
Regan: …Yes.
Talia: You do that?!?
Regan: Shut up.

WWYCD if their house was on fire?


Scramble to get everyone to safety while everyone is yelling at him to put out the fire with his magic (he has water magic).

WWYCD if they smelt their neighbors having a barbeque?


Jade: invite myself. :innocent:

WWYCD if they were told ‘You’re too young to be a part of this conversation.’


Felix would retort back with something like “Well, who said I wanted to converse in granny language, huh?”

WWYCD if they had to crossdress for a school event?


…I think Noon would just pul it off well and show off, too.

WWYCD if they had to eat food cooked by their worst enemy?


Considering Achim literally does this because he has to. He’s rather not happy about it but tries not to make a scene since it’s due to being around his friends and whatnot so he’s holding it in for them.

WWYCD if they woke up with a migrane?


Harley’s a rough-and-tough character, who doesn’t let anything stop her. She’ll push through the day, maybe take a couple of tablets, but won’t rest unless she’s fainted.

WWYCD if they found five dollars on the ground?


Roy’d see if anyone was around, trying to return the money and if that failed, keep it.

WWYCD if someone they were acquainted with told them they’re being blackmailed and want help?


Acquainted? Then Roake would probably weigh the pros and cons of helping them before doing anything. I think he’d help without a second thought if it was one of his closer friends, though.

WWYCD if it was your character’s birthday but no one remembered?


Roy’d like that. Getting(and giving) presents gives him an anxiety attack.

WWYCD if someone started following them around?


Regan would subtly make them walk into a trap of some sort.

WWYCD if they failed a test they’d thought they had aced?


Check his answers over and blame Manny at the same time.

WWYCD if someone offered them an umbrella in the rain?


Adyln: “Ignore them.”
Talia: “Give them a strange look and keep walking.”
Isaac: “…I would already have one. So decline.”
Marie: “Take it.”

WWYCD if someone smacked them with an umbrella?


Baphomet would take it from them, promptly snap it, and toss the umbrella to the side and bid them a good day.

WWYCD if they were threatened by a hamster?


Harley would laugh at it, and tell it to ---- off.

WWYCD if school/work/etc was cancelled?


He’d hang out with his friends. If dangerous to go outside, he’d just talk to them online.

WWYCD if someone stepped on the back of your character’s shoes?


She would stop walking and let them walk into her, then elbow them, then turned around and shove them away. She meams business.

WWYCD if they found a bee hive in their house?


Ooo-ooh. Talia would probably try to take care of it herself — and while succeeding eventually, get very beat up in the process.

WWYCD if they were face to face alone in the woods with a bear?