What Will Your Character... Game



Everything makes sense now lmaooo
I live for these comments
I want more


Lol. Better not touch his stuff.

pulls out adoption papers I love him


Dmitri: #Triggered

Greta: Buys a new book.

Rin: Freezes them and takes it back.

Ratesh: Has plenty more of the same copy.

Casimir: Too busy to care.

Lyko: Can’t read.

Izia: That was his school textbook.


The hell? Reminds me of my friend who has 10 blue pens in her bag


Alec loves you back but unfortunately he’s stuck with Cole for the time being
I will have to sadly refuse your adoption process




I happen to have a massive case of black ink gel pens. :joy:


This statement… it was no context of what’s going to happen and that scares me.


Q: What would your characters do if there’s no more clean dishes to use?


Ohhhhh smart afff
Im considering to use this piece of wonderful advice


Noooooooooo ;-; fine I’ll be the secret aunt he never knew of


sqiunts at you what are you hiding?


Good for you XD


cole: “Aleecccc order Chinese and I need it here in half an hour!”
Alec: would clean the dishes as well as the entire kitchen and then maybe clean his room as well while he’s at it

Ellie: “I told you two to wash them dishes didn’t I?” Probably roll her eyes, sigh a million time, and will keep on muttering awful curses at the boys before cleaning only one dish which is hers and hers alone


Aaron - goes out to eat
Argo - throws a tantrum for not cleaning the dishes before. Cleans dishes
Etlish - “I’m not that hungry”
Ja’ari - “goddamnit”
Faith - cleans dishes

What will character do if they saw a duck crossing the road?


gross sobbing hes too pure!


Dmitri: Panic attacks

Greta: He’s not human so he should be fine.

Ratesh: If I’m tolerant of her bullshit she can handle something sharper than that.

Heithe: I’m not paying for that.

Rin: Tries to not to think about it until she’s okay.

Keri: How do you cut his skin when he’s completely made out of ice?


Sora: That’s cute.
Lilith: Eat the duck.
Gyl: Eat the duck.

What will Your character do if they have just gone through a near-death experience?


This is one A level anger and grudge-yness I have ever seen


Is that my best friend? Cause yeasss I would do that