What Will Your Character... Game



Ramesh nooOO


Ratesh is savage king. :joy:


Noooo sweet babu


You melt him




Cole: would remain calm and indifferent but in reality hates ducks
Ellie: knowing Cole’s weaknesses would probably bring it home to annoy the hell out of him

Alec: “ oh dear lord! We need to save them!!”


Casimir: Time to write a bucket list before he actually dies.

Dmitri: I’M ALIVE!!!

Greta: Temporary depression

Rin: Was already dead to care

Ratesh: I’m a zombie!

Izia: Nice.


I wanna meet himmmmm


Aaron - walks it off. Continues to risk life cos he don’t care
Etlish - “Lesson learned”
Elias - traumatised
Aliyah - searches for her brother cos she needs support and warmth
Nolan - “this isn’t the worst I’ve experienced”
Madison - “A-hole! I can’t die!” laughs “Do that again”
Marcus - alert and cautious but tries to calm down

What will your characters do if someone gives them a bouquet of flowers?


Yeah dead on the inside counts as well ! Lmao




Damn straight




Well thanks

Chaotic evil

You heard the man! We gotta save the duck!


Dmitri: Chases the duck.

Greta: Facepalming at Dmitri.

Rin: Thinks about cooking.

Lyko: Dinner.

Casimir: Not chicken.

Izia: Duck.


Can you imagine what would happen if Aaron and Alec were to supposedly meet each other


Sora: “Thanks” would probably give the flowers to Lilith instead
Lilith: “That’s nice” would think on how She can use the flowers in cooking
Gyl: “I appreciate it” throws away the flowers when nobody is around


I hate this. Reminds me of this bastard I know who says this same exact thing for almost anything


Shut up Greta. Nobody asked you


Who is this person