What Will Your Character... Game



Oh my god. Chaos


What would your character (s) do if they realised that they were in love? For reals


Lilith, Lyko and Rin, all have the same mindset.


Izia, the most judgmental character in the book who happens to be the emperor of the main protagonist’s kingdom.

He’s horribly blunt but soft spoken. :joy:


Rin can’t exactly cook, but he does like the idea of cooking the duck. :joy:


Just looking after her boyfriend. :eyes:


Sora: “Love? I already have Lilith”
Lilith: “Well…” Stays silent while hiding Her face, probably
Gyl: “It was just a matter of time, I guess”


Aaron - “…oh no.”
Argo - nervous laughter “I’m going to die”
Madison - “nopenopenopenopenope”
Aliyah - “with who?!”
Nolan - devoted and determined to satisfy loved one
Marcus - vows to protect them
Etlish - blushes and buries face in pillow by the thought of it


I don’t believe you


Can she be any clearer! So loves not part of her plan huh?


This line resonates so much with Me, I don’t know why.


Nope. It ain’t.




Just the male and female lead

Greta: Denies everything because everyone falls in love with her guy.

Dmitri: Deep thoughts if it was actually for real… He technically doesn’t know what love is. He’s just hot.


What will your character do if they woke up before the alarm rang?


Imagine a really angelic voice telling you softly to “shut the f^ck up~❤️“

That’s him.


Well daaaaamn.


Cole: will blame the alarm for ringing earlier and would scoff and complain about it not doing it’s job.

Alec: “I am going back to dream land” sleeps again
Ellie: sighs, she never had a problem waking up, her dreams aren’t exactly any better than reality so… it’s normal


Sora: “Oh” goes back to sleep
Lilith: “Yeah, I’m doing what Sora would probably do” goes back to sleep
Gyl: Gets up and does some stretches, probably does His usual morning routine


And that’s how he managed to become the emperor.