What Will Your Character... Game



This was me this morning


Dmitri: Keeps sleeping

Greta: Wakes up earlier before the alarm

Rin: Wakes up

Ratesh: The alarm clock is a tyrant


Damn if knew being a grade A savage made you a king I would have been a queen by now


High five man


No denying though, he is still a better ruler than his uncle. :eyes:


His uncle was douche?


Yeah. Male lead managed to dethrone the uncle in the past. Izia replaces him. :joy:

Emperor at the age of 17.


Is the male dude happy that he got a savage on the throne? Are the people happy? XD


He so Smol


Half and half. Some people disagree out of religious beliefs that he abolish the witch hunt laws when the country is infested by them. The male lead is also seen as another witch— even though technically he isn’t. He does magic, but not a witch.


Q: What would Your character(s) do if they became an internet meme?


A: Cynthia would hack into the system to find the original source and either applaud a funny meme or threaten to kill them if it was something lame. All while swearing like a sailor all the while. She wouldn’t actually kill them, she’d just act crazy in hopes it gets them to stop. Knowing it wouldn’t change anything, she’d break their computer in a rage and leave

Q: What would your character do if they found out their mind was connected to the center of the earth?


I take everything back. The Savage is best king ever


Q: What would you character’s internet usernames?


Greta: LadyScorpio05

Rin: Tsuraratox

Izia: UniqueRevenge01

Ratesh: DawnishAssasin63

Casimir: Casimir


Marcus - “What?!” laughs
Bastion - “aw hell no!” What the hell?! Who did this!”
Nolan - “what’s a meme?..oh…it’s that weird thing you kids do with editing…where do u people get the time for that?”


OH no :joy:


We all know those people. :joy:


Etlish - “The What?”
Argo - doesnt believe you
Aaron - nods “I’m also a fruit sent by god”


Sora: “Cool” Would probably forget about it eventually
Lilith: “Uhh, guys, something weird is going on with My head” Tells people and gets famous, to Her dismay
Gyl: “I can probably use this, somehow” Experiment with it a lot