What Will Your Character... Game



Q: What would your characters do if their bag of chips is stuck in the vending machine?


lol oh boy

@Disc_Crimson Makes me curious what Gyl would do with it lmao


Ohhhhh it’s that meme!

Aaron - kicks it
Argo - :frowning:
Etlish - “great” leaves
Marcus - asks for help


Sora: Punches the glass barrier and gets the bag of chips that way
Lilith: Asks Sora for help, for results see above
Gyl: “There has to be some way to get it out” Overthinks it and leaves it alone eventually


Katie would stare at the machine blankly. “Gimme’ my chips,” she said pushing the machine. It would break through the wall as she forgets her strength, hearing a loud, “What was that sound?”

“Oops,” she said, scratching the back of her head embarrassed.

Diablos would lose patience and blow the machine up. “Damn these human contraptions… Who the hell talked me into using this thing anyway?”

Q: What would your character do if they encountered a talking dinosaur?


Rin: Attempts to slide his hand in the slot.

Greta: Kicks it.

Ratesh: Violently shakes the vending machine.

Casimir: Punches the glass.

Izia: Asks for help.

Dmitri: All of those in order.




Sora: “What’s a dinosaur?”
Lilith: Would be too busy explaining what a dinosaur is to Sora that the dinosaur would walk away before She gets a chance to talk to it
Gyl: “Oh, that’s… interesting I guess” Walks away


Aaron - gasps loudly and squeals “oh my gawd! You’re so beautiful!!”
Argo - “HOLY SHI-!”


Q: What would your characters do if they get stuck in the bathroom?


Argo - washes hands. Kicks door down
Ja’ari - rams door down
Etlish - kicks door down
Zen - “…Well… this is a nice bathroom…”






What will your character do if they found a burglar in the house?


What do you mean? I’m not hiding anything! Haha. You’re - you’re crazy, dude… Not hiding anything… nothing at all.


Sora: Punches the door until it’s broken enough that She can leave
Lilith: Calls out for help
Gyl: He lives in the wild


squinting intensifies


Thanh - “I got this.” runs away screaming
Hanaka - “Oh my Jesus, bitch - prepare to die. This might not be America but you’re sure getting shot.”
Ana - “What are you here to steal? I have nothing. I’m too broke.”
Ashley - punches burglar


Problem solved


Do you really want to know? This information might curse you forever.