What Will Your Character... Game



Sora: Punches the burglar
Lilith: Stabs the burglar with a knife
Gyl: Make the burglar run away with His intimidating glare and body size


Leon: Tries every normal method of unlocking the door or going out the window before losing patience and smashing through it with his strength and flames

Cynthia: Screams and curses as she tears the door to pieces as if it were to blame.

Richard: Shoot the lock. And then groan and curse cause it doesn’t work.

Hime: Get distracted by the magazines next to the sink, choosing not to lose her head even though she could level the entire building if she wanted to.

Q: If your main character’s mind was warped into hating and trying to fight the person they care about most to the death, how would they break free? Or if they couldn’t what would stop them?


Noooo don’t kill him. You’re going to jail for that


Yeah tell me


… how big is he?


Hanaka is prepared to go to jail. Once a criminal, always a criminal.

Jk don’t worry her record is spotless -


Greta: Tackles.

Rin: Freezes.

Casimir: Arrests them.

Izia: Oh hello there, I believe you are committing a crime and I would like to pronounce you dead tomorrow.

Dmitri: Sup.


Comparing an average guy to Him is the equivalent of comparing a penguin to a lion.


Fine. Ana was smoking a cigarette one day (as teens do) and she had quite the depressive spell back then. She “accidentally” set fire to her flat in the hopes of death, but she survived and was sent to jail for one year for involuntary arson.


Well this depression

Argo- the ghostly voices in his head tell him that he’s being controlled. But, he’ll pull a pistol and aim it at his chin and shoot himself “I’m …not going to… hurt him…”
Aaron - will fight the urge “JUST KILL ME HERE!”
Etlish - she will fight. And when it’s over. She’ll be suicidal
Madison - already a killing machine but Argo knows how to stop her from fighting.
Zen - full wolf and attacks everyone on sight


Holy cow


Oh my god poor girl :frowning:


Yep, definitely. She’s not the main character of this story though… although I might create a spin-off about her.


interesting. also sad


Oh good. She deserves happiness man


…u sound more interested than sad


Sad stories are usually more interesting than upbeat ones


She’s working on it. She’s also happy you care about her (she won’t show it, but she does appreciate it, esp since she’s going through a hard time rn)!


True true


I will support her!