What Will Your Character... Game



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What will your character do if they saw Babadook?

In case you don’t know who babadook is image


Very charming




Posilyn: Yiiiikes…

Emotieon the 1st: What the hell is that?

Neutro: draws a cross over his chest and slowly backs away

Quetzacoatl: … I’m gonna wrassle it. gets a gun With this.

What will your character do if they see Slenderman?


Wrastle with the gun. A very effective method


Etlish: “this is so out of my league”
Argo: weilds scythe and rushes at him he fight creeps like slender man
Aaron: “The hell…”
Nolan: freaked out
Aliyah: heavy praying and hiding
Madison: “Oooooohhhh! Play thing!”
Aesthete: “what’s that?”
Michealis: “Aaron, help!”
Rost: “…go away”

What will your character do if they were put in a kabedon?
I case u don’t know what a kabedon is image


Epoch: “Could I help you? Or are you just looking for an excuse to die?”
Vega: Immediately chokes the life out of them
Vanish: Looks around confusedly before vanishing in a puff of smoke
Lucius: “Oh dear me, usually I’m on the other side of this interaction.”

What will your character do if they were transported to another world unexpectedly? (Can be a specific world, or random)


Red would probably explore first and then ponder on the best course of action.

WWYCD (what will your character/what would your character do) if a hoard of dogs followed them around?


Aaron - frickin loves animals! Already has a magical wolf-dog dog following him around
Zen - “it’s my herd!” turns into a wolf and interacts with them
Elias - concerned
Ja’ari - “… I didn’t take a bath today and this what I get?”
Madison - “Puppers!!” tries to love them with open arms
Argo - “!!” startled. Waits to see if it’s safe to move on. If it is he’ll ignore, if not he’ll run
Alister - “well this day was soon to come”
Apollo - “Oh sweet Fuck what the hell? Leave me alone!”
Nolan - trying to calm down Apollo
Aesthete - “Puppers!” turns into a tiny chimera-like-thing and interacts with them, same as Zen like father like daughter. They ain’t blood related

WWYCD if someone kissed their cheek?


Sora: “That’s sweet of You”
Lilith: “Did You really just… do that?”
Gyl: “k”

WWYCD if they came across a murder cult?


Argo - take it down “You are not summoning Satan today”
Etlish - “I hate Mondays already, why?”
Aaron - invades and disturb any ritual “In the name of Satan, go to hell!”
Zen - “Argoooooooooo”
Nolan - “Nope. Let the police handle this”
Madison - laughs and manages to join in “I like this morbid dark cloak :3”

WWYCD if they had to cook a foreign dish?


Sora: “At least We’re not eating goliath spiders for once”
Lilith: “I would’ve preferred more spiders”
Gyl: “It doesn’t matter if the end result is bad or not, the important thing is if it’s edible”

WWYCD if they had to spend a night in a dark, dirty, bug-infested abandoned house?



Lilith noO

Basic rule of cooking


Argo - grossed out “ewwwwwwwwww, why me?” ;-;
Etlish - “why am I here?!”
Ja’ari - grudgingly “Argh! Fine!”
Faith - grimaces but sadly nods
Bastion - “Ohmygod! Somebody should call the health inspector.”
Michealis - “I am not going in there! You can’t make me! NOOOOOO”
Aaron - sighs miserably “Fine, whatever”
Zen - looks for a more comfortable place to sleep. Goes to sleep reaaaaal quick “This house better not be haunted”
Apollo - burns the whole place down because he sees a cockroach
Nolan - tries to stop Apollo but fails
Marcus - “ugh. Can we go somewhere else?”
Nolander - “…” he got bigger fish to fry then get bothered by bugs and a dark haunting house*
Albius - “Hm. This place needs a clean up. Where’s the broom?”
O’Neil - “…” exhales heavily he accepts his fate
Elias - looks for another place to sleep “I don’t like those bugs”
Essa - “ :frowning:
Madison : settles down, claims the house as her own WITHOUT knowing that there are bugs are in the house. Will probably find out sooner or later.

WWYCD if stubbed their toe?


Sora: Drops to the ground, freezing up while holding Her toe
Lilith: “F#cking s#it mot#erf#cking ohh f#cking hell this f#cking hurtswhile on the ground rolling
Gyl: “Ow”

WWYCD if they were in a zombie apocalypse?


Thanh - screams and probably passes out
Hanaka - “Bitch, me too! The fuck!”
Ana - spreads arms “Take me.”
Ashley - “Whoa! It’s a… thing! To apologise in advance for what I’m about to do, I must say you look amazing today.” proceeds to then punch the thing


Thanh - “Ow!” (Like a normal person)
Hanaka - “Bitch shit FUCK God why??? FUCK there is clearly only one thing to do here: perish. OW FUCK WHY”
Ana - “I feel no pain anymore, it’s fine.”
Ashley - punches table “You like that, table? Do you FUCKING like that???”


Thanh - tries to find a cure while simultaneously not taking a step out of her house
Hanaka - starts searching for appropriate weapon “Hmm. Gun? Sure, that’s more effective, but a MACHETE would make me look cooler. Machete it is!”
Ana - “Yeah, boi. Finally.”
Ashley - oh my god Ashley don’t - did she just massacre a whole fucking crowd of zombies okay never mind she is perfectly capable of surviving this by herself bye


Oi look it’s me


Argo - control all the zombies
Aaron - fights and strategically survives
Etlish - lives to tell the tale

Marcus: “What are you doing here?”
Bastion: “What does it look like? I don’t want any of those freaks coming near me, so might as well take night patrol duty.”
Marcus: “Bastion, let me reassure you. They will not attack you”
Bastion: “??”
Marcus: “They eat brains.”
Bastion: “You piECE OF SHIT!” About to punch him
Marcus: laughs and counters attack

WWYCD if they saw this thing