What Will Your Character... Game



Lilith: “Is it edible? I want to eat it. I’m going to eat it
Sora: “Wait Lilith noO
Gyl: “That’s one weird-looking… thing… is it an animal or…?”

WWYCD if they were forced to go on a dangerous deep-sea exploration mission?


Kylie: “Oh god, I’m gonna barf.” gets visibly ill

William: “uhhhhh when do we go back to the surface cause that’d be nice.”

Tracy: “This is boring. It’s dark and wet out there and there’s nothing interesting about dark and wet things. Yes that’s an inneundo and yes I still meant it.”

Luke: “Oh look at all the beautiful creatures of God! The fish! The plankton!” angler fish swims by “…the obvious mistake! We love it anyway, the ugly monstrosity.”

Red: “Wake me up when I can kill something.” sleeps

WWYCD if they had to disarm a bomb?


Sora: Picks up the bomb and throws it far, far away
Lilith: “Alright, let’s think carefully about this…” Thinks about it for a while but in the end throws it away like Sora
Gyl: Tries His best to disarm it, and if He fails, He uses His body to protect the others from the blast

WWYCD if they became a tree?


wipes away tears bootiful boi


Great minds think alike




He can regenerate He’ll be fine.


… nothing. They wont have muscles nor lips to do anything about it. They’d be internally screaming though

WWYCD if somebody stole their money/wallet/purse?


Ohhhhh thank god


Sora: “Lilith’s not going to be happy about this”
Lilith: “To the motherf#cker that took My money, I hope you get your balls crushed you bastard”
Gyl: “I wonder if Crow does early paychecks?”

WWYCD if they needed to spend a week in a nuclear wasteland?


sweetie who’s going to survive that? None of my organic organisms/characters, that’s who

Charcoal: roams around the wasteland for more than a week cos they a walking carbon monster and survive any kind of disaster
Everkinese: “How terrible. Humans ruined this land?” They not human

Damn bloody cockroach: populates the entire place with its peeps cos they are a bastard

WWYCD do if they were stabbed?


Sora: “OW F#CK AAAAAAAAwhile punching the one who stabbed Her repeatedly
Lilith: “YOU F#CKING BASTARD AAAAAAAwhile stabbing back repeatedly
Gyl: Punches the stabber “A mere stab like this isn’t going to kill Me you fool”

WWYCD if they met an alien? (a generic one, big eyes and all)


Thanh - “That’s a lot of blood I’m losing!” laughs “Wait, that’s bad.”
Hanaka - “Oh, Jesus. That’s very rude. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to die now.”
Ana - “Omg, thanks.”
Ashley - stabs the person back


My baby nooooo


It’s alright, she actually called the hospital. You’re giving her a reason to live because finally someone cares about her :kissing:


Marcus: “Okay”
Aaron: “Fascinating”
Argo: standing ten feet away “who r u?”
Aliyah: “…You’re not here to abduct me are you?”
Aesthete: “ooooooooh”

WWYCD if they got a kiss on their cheek?


Yaaay! sobs my baby girl ;-;


You have taken to Ana already, I see. Even though she’s pretty bitchy in the actual story.


Sora: “Wasn’t expecting that… Okay then”
Lilith: “Did You just… Okay let’s just forget this ever happened and move on with our lives”
Gyl: “k”

WWYCD if they were betrayed by their best friend?


Depends. From who?