What would *you* like to see in a community profile?

Hello everyone!

As quite a few of you here probably already know, me and @EllenFairyBlue4 have set up a vampire community profile: @RealmOfVampires.

As we are still quite new and I myself have never run a profile before, I need your help. What would you like to see in a community? What kind of things would you like us to do, to host? What do you specifically want us not to do? Are there specific ways of getting more members that you know of? Should we use other social media to be more reachable?

Please, offer us all the feedback you can. We are open to anything, but remember to stay on-topic.
Thank you in advance.

~Coven leader Jane



Don’t be overambitious. Start small. When demand calls for it then move forward with it. As a community profile you can run many services like contests, reviews, editing, beta readers, you got that book club thing going, guidebook, but you’ll need a large (however you define large) team and a lot of time depending on what you can offer.


That is very true. Right now, it’s only two people… I’ll try to be as ambitious as possible, though.

Thank you for the advice :smile:

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Interview books with vampire writers, reading lists, book of the month should be okay’ish fairly easy to get up and running. :slight_smile:


We’re working on reading lists (though the one person who applied had a mature book… I had to ship that one off to Ellen, heheh), though the interview thing is indeed possible… As for book of the month, you’d need to read all the books every month, right? Unless you get judges


I think how the other channels do it is either they just screen books around Wattpad - or they let users nominate books that aren’t their own for it.

Honestly, you can do it any way you want. If you wanna feature books you’ve already read, then go for that. Or if you want nominations, go for that instead :slight_smile:


From my experience as an Engagement Ambassador and running several profiles in the last two years, there are a few things you’d want to ensure.

One of them is being active. I check my profiles at least every other day, reply to pms, comments and messages.

Contests are quite popular among users but can be a little difficult to pull off if your profile is very new/small and doesn’t have a solid following yet, so maybe hold off with those until you reach enough people.

Well stocked reading lists make a profile instantly look a lot more active and alive and are something that you can work on even in the beginning stages as you can scout for stories to add yourself.

Something that I personally dislike, is when profiles require you to tag a certain number of people in order to participate in a contest or something. I get why it’s being done but as a user I don’t like it.


Automatic email notifications on my phone, aw yeah! I get emails the moment any of my accounts gets comments/pms, so I’ll always know. That one’s settled :smiley:

Hmmm… that might be a good idea. We were planning on small writing contests, but seeing as we only have eight members, we might need to wait a little.

That one will be a problem… I’ve never actually read a story that is based solely on vampires. They were always secondary, be it to humans, demons or werewolves. Do you have any suggestions?

That is absolutely terrible and I can promise you that won’t happen. It’s so annoying to have to find tags – or be tagged in lots of random stuff yourself.

All in all, thank you so much for the feedback. <3

You can totally make several reading lists for different kinds of stories. Like vampires vs. werewolves for example, vampire love for romance between humans and vampires.


I actually meant book suggestions, but hey, the lists are there now :stuck_out_tongue:

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I might have a few, I can pm you later. You can also check out the ambassador-run account @WattVampires

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I looked there earlier, but they have so many reading lists it’s near impossible to go through them all

It’s a little overwhelming for sure!
What I find works best for myself, is to pick and add up to 5 stories per week. That way you’ll also ensure a constant stream of activity.

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The thing is, with these new tag systems, I have been unable to find a good story for weeks, possibly months. I rarely use Wattpad for reading anymore, honestly – unless my favourite authors update or post a new story (which are only two, so… not much there). Do you have any tips for finding good stories?

I hear you, the search is kind of a mess. I usually do ‘profile-jumping’ by looking at other people’s reading lists and then looking at the stories that pop up as recs beside other stories and so on. Eye catching covers usually lure me in and sometimes you find a whole stash of interesting looking stuff. (that’s why my Wattpad library is bursting)

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Book clubs can be hit or miss. You’re forced to read stories that may not be to your interest (even if they’re within the genre you like), but you also find stories you may want to read outside of it. You want to say something positive about what you’re reading, but the content is dull (in your opinion, but not for others) which makes it hard to say something.

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Is that why you did join the community but not the book club? You do raise very valid points.

Book club is time consuming.

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I’d say short, fun contests. It seems like a great way to read other people’s work, flex your own writing muscles and be a part of the community.

Other social media might be nice eventually, but I’d say leave that until you have a larger base. Incidentally, I’ve done a lot of social media work so if you do go forward with that feel free to hit me up for consultancy or help running things


I would really just want one that is constantly active. I keep finding ones that are dead, not having posted in a month or even longer. That’s a real bummer.

I think it would be also cool if they had reading lists that weren’t bias. It should have all kinds of vampire books, sorted into easy to find reading lists. Both the horror vampire and the lovey-dovey romance ones should be there. Don’t there any vampire lovers behind!