What would your character do??? ||GAME||


Making Poems.

Is there any nickname that your character wished someone called her.


Unnie, because in Korea it is a name for a mature girl,
Where is she from?



What kind of people can never get along with your character?


Her brother Jisoo
What is her favorite places to go?


Anywhere with family and friends.

Who is the person your character loves most?


Her best friends, and her boss
What is your chracters’ fear?


Losing someone who he loves.

What can make your character happy?


Does your character cook or bake



What kind of music your character likes?


Kpop, sometimes american pop
Does your character dance?


Never. He doesn’t have the courage to dance.

What is a favorite song of your character?


Oh its a boy! :no_mouth: Srry
I’m so sick-by Apink
Does your character love someone? Have I asked this yet?


No, you didn’t ask. My character loves one of his best friends. I never mentioned my main character is a male.

Does your character has a tragic past?


Not a tragic, but iteresting, she has fought criminals before at the age of 16
What kind of music does your character like?


Your character is really brave. My character likes Bangladeshi country music.

Does your character know Martial Arts or Kung Fu?


Yes she knows Jui Jitsu, shes a master at it.
Is your character strong?
Can I get the link to your story


If you put your Wattpad profile link as your website in the community profile, then it will be better for others to find you on Wattpad.

  1. The Chronicles:Byong Ki-soo https://www.wattpad.com/story/168352555-the-super-chronicles-byong-ki-soo
  2. Ironicly writing
    What is your character’s Family?


My character is from a Muslim family. Most kind and most arrogant people are part of this family.

Is your character can speak many languages?


I had to tread that twice.
Korean (Native), English(2nd), Japanese (3rd)
Does Your character speak other languages