What would your character do??? ||GAME||


A little bit of English.

Is your character afraid of any animal?


Does your character enjoy video games


He never played any video game.

Does your character live in a city?


Seoul, South Korea
Does your character travel?


Yeah, he makes tours to visit historical places with his friends very often.

Is your character a neat freak?


Absolutely not. She is an indoor litter bug.
What is your characters style?


If you are talking about dressing style, then my character wears most of the time Pants and Panjabi, sometimes he wears pants and a shirt.

What kind of dress wears your character?


Sweaters and jeans, she tends to get cold. And white blouses.
Does your character hate his parents, or dislike his siblings. Does he have Siblings?:thinking:


My character really loves his parents. He doesn’t have any sibling.

Who is the person your character loves most?


Her friends.
What is your character’s hieght


Five feet five
What is the favorite movie of your character?


Train to Busan, she cries every-time.
If there was one place he would want to go.



Does your character often lie?


Haha, your character isn’t missing out on much.
No, not that i know of,
Does your character want children one day



What kind of life partner wants your character?


some one respectful and accepting.
Does your character get bullied



Is there anything that your character doesn’t want to let anyone know?


Yeah, that she has powers, she doesn’t want to become “mutant”
what kind of powers does your character have?
Are you learning english


He will only die with one condition.

Yes, I am learning English.

Does your character have any flaw?


Her temper, it could get her fired.
I could just tell that you were learning.
Does your character have any pets?