What would your character do??? ||GAME||


No, he doesn’t have.

What can make your character angry?


being unreasonable
What are your characters strangths and flaws.


My character strength is he listens carefully to other’s words. His flaw is he trusts people too much.

Does your character like gossip?


No, unless it is her boss or Li-hye
Does your character ever bully other or tease them


No, My character never bullied or teased anyone.

What is your character’s worst nightmare?


Her boss successfully kissing her.
What is your character’s ideal woman


Someone who always supports, care and guide him. A mature girl.

Is your character a feminist?


In a way yes, just low key, you wont find her rallying in a protest, but she stands up for what is right.
Is your character in a relationship


Thanks for reading my story!


No. But soon will be.

Does your character read books on Wattpad?


No but I should add that! LOL
Is your character smart or a hard thinker


Hard thinker

Does your character hate liars?


In my story she hasn’t combated a liar yet, but we’ll see.
Does your character feel happy about themselves?



What is your character’s favorite fruit?


APPLE! Of course.
Discribe you character in detail


My character’s skin color is brown, he is healthy, tall and doesn’t have a masculine body.

Does your character use makeup?


Light mascara, lip balm, maybe some skin toner. but nothing EXTRA
does your character work out, or is he active


No, my character doesn’t work out.

Does your character love party?


Does my charcater love to party?
Yeah, but not to drink, she doesn’t like getting drunk like her friends, she doesn’t like the after effect.

Does your charater drink? Or smoke?


No, My character is a so-called perfect boy.

Did your character lose someone who she was closed with?