What would your character do??? ||GAME||


Yes, her friend had to go to Gangnam for a time, her other friend often left for Japan. But came back.
Does your character enjoy reading, or writing?


He enjoys reading and writing.

Does your character a writer?


Yes, she wants a job in it
What carrer does your character want?
Are you enjoying the story?


My character doesn’t have any future plan.
Yes, I am enjoying your story.

Does your character have any suicidal thoughts?


Not the Korean one,but the other one from a different story does.
Does your character cry, lose his temper, or become emotionless, in a tramatic situation


Yes, he does.

Does your character like anime, manga, cartoon?


Yes, she likes anime, not really reading it.
Which one would he be most likely to do?


My character doesn’t know what is manga and anime. He knows what is a cartoon. He likes watching cartoon shows.

What is the most irritating thing your character does according to you?


She snaps at people so quickly, and keeps denying her feelings for Mr.Eun
What irritates him the most?


If a person doesn’t give others to explain their action, then it really irritates him.

What is more important for your character love or success?


Being true to herself, and others, and kicking butt
Who is your characters’ badguy?


Bad guy, probably one of his best friends.

Does your character want to visit your country?


Yes, she doesn’t know she is missing nothing, but yeah
If your characters could come to america what would he do?


He would visit some parks and historical places.

What your character thoughts about her country?


She feels safe in her country, but isolated
What is your character’s deeper meaning


Hmmm… I’m not exactly sure what you mean… I have no idea :sweat_smile:

If a song would play every time your character would walk into a room, what song would it be?


‘Dancing’s not a crime’ by Panic! At The Disco or ‘Paint The Town Green’ by The Script, depending on their mood.

Is your character politically active?


Not at all,unless it’s about a revolt to bring down the empire

Does your character have mystic powers


Yes they do, they have a bit of a telepathic mind, though not very strongly.

Does your character enjoy hugs?



Can your character use any weapon?