What would your character do??? ||GAME||


Yes, though they’re still not fully in control of it.

How does your character react during a thunderstorm?



What your character prefers sweet or spice?



Is your character scared by any animals?


No, Because all animal worshipped him.

If your character is going to read a book on Wattpad, what will be the genre of that book?


Thriller, or Werewolf as they are fascinated by wolves and people who can communicate with them.

If they were to end up at a concert, what kind of concert would it be?


Poetry concert

Does your character believe in afterlife?


Ooh, never thought about that until now! They do, and hope to see certain beloved ones again.

Would your character like to stay/settle down in one place permanently=



Does your character have any bad habit?


Yes, they always, always, interrupt and thus annoy other people, mid-sentence.

If your character were to encounter their parent in a fight, how would they react?


My character would say the right thing but also because, obvio, add a lot of teen angst and emotion and drama to it.

What would your character do when stuck in a mound of jelly?


Be very, very grossed out and panicky. They’d probably need someone else to get them out.

What would your character do when being shot at?


Duck for cover…and maybe scream. Then perhaps go into hiding for a few months.

What would you character do if their house caught on fire?


Tried to save everyone.

What would your character do if their parents died?


Cry and become an alcoholic. That’s actually what’s going to happen in my book!

What would your character do if their friend suddenly stopped talking to them?


He would simply ditch them.
What would your character do if he gets stabbed


They’d knock the stabber unconscious and get help from one particular friend, trying to ignore it and failing miserably.

What would your character do if they’d have to go to university?


Try to be as invisible as possible

What would your character do if he/she was forced into something?


They’d figure a way out, or a way to make the others pay.

What would your character say if caught in a discussion on feminism?


She would start a long, convoluted discussion about how it really doesn’t have a purpose anymore (in her world at least) and what feminism is now is just an excuse to hate on men.

What would your character do if they were at a karaoke night?


Wonder what the heck they were doing, because that much noise is sure to draw in the undead… or worse survivors that would kill them to get what they had.

What would your character do if their best friend turned into the undead?