What would your character do??? ||GAME||


Become undead too and then haunt everyone in the world.

What would your character do when he/she is kissing someone and doesn’t like it?


Pull back immediately and apologise.

What would your character do if they had to play the violin?



Can your character play any instrument?


He plays violin (and katana, if that’s considered as an instrument)

Does your character have a love interest


Maaybe, but it’s all rather hush hush.

What would you character do if he or she woke up with purple hair?


Love it.

Does your character know swimming?


No, they can’t, and they’re not a big fan of water.

What would your character do if stuck in a library?


Stay there for the rest of her life, reading, and reading, and reading…

What would your character do when attacked by something invisible?


Scream…cry loudly…panic attack

If your character sees someone is trying to rob, what your character will do?


Put a gun to their head and say “What the hell do you think you are doing? Those are not yours.”

What would your character do it they were bitten by a zombie?


Will become a zombie?


Well yeah… but what do they do before that happens?


He will try not to kill as much as possible…But if there is another life depends on it then will hurt the zombie.

If your character becomes a superhero, what will do?


She already is one, but she kicks butt!
If your character could change one thing, what would it be?


Their past.

What is the best holiday for your character?


Astra’s favorite holiday is called ‘Sphoros Nox’ in her world. It is similar to halloween where everybody dresses up in ghoulish attire, but it is more similar to a giant party than a conquest for kids to receive candy.

How good is your character at introducing themselves to new people?


She’s very akward, because she usually attacks them. First ridding them of weapons, then asking questions.

What would your character do if they met someone in a dream who really exists?


He would think it’s because he hallucinated because of booze or something.

What would your character do if he met his favorite celebrity?


Speechless… Super awkward

What your character will do it he meets you?


He’d ask me why he’s such a loser and a failure.

What would your character do if he was told he was pretty/handsome?