What would your character do??? ||GAME||


Blushing…He will try to hide his face…He is quite shy.
What your character will do if someone call him rude?


Damien would flip his hair at them and say, “Thank you, dearie.” in a mocking tone.

What would your character do if someone who they didn’t really like said, “I love you.”?


Hmm. If depends on the person. But if we’re being honest and making this interesting, she’s say “I love you, too.”

If your character had to face some serious consequences for their actions, how would they handle it? For example: if they had to kill someone off? (Drastic, I know, lol)


Mandy stood there before the ‘council’ shoulder squared back straight and a smile one her face.

“You stand accuse of treason and murder. How do you answer these crimes?” Buck says glaring down at the teen girl.

“I am guilty and I feel no shame in killing those men and women. They had it coming,” She chuckles," as do all of you…"

How would your character react to meeting you in the story?


Ciecro stares at me, looks me over top to bottom. “Dah fuck are yah?”

What would your character do if they woke up to a bear sleeping next to them?


Kasunya muttered under his breath in a frustrated tone, eyeing up the bear. “Fucking Julie.”
What would your character do if they met a sentient, overly conversational fly?


They would threaten to kill it constantly, but still be very worried about anything the fly does.

What would your character do if they saw their grandparents?


Mandy smiles," Probably cry."

WWYCD If they met another character of your favorite book/tv show?


He would have no clue who this character is, for he doesn’t really like to read and is pretty lazy.

What would your character do if he found a stray dog, or his neighbor’s dog, in his garden?


Depending on how the dog is. If the dog is that cute little poodle with fluffy fur and friendly eyes, then good luck trying to get Reece away from it, But if it’s that cranky old dog that hasn’t gotten laid in a decade and would bite any living creature it could lay its teeth on… Then Reece would try his best to lead that dog to the house of the people he hates^^.

What would your character do if one day, the words that they just said became true in a matter of seconds?


He would probably be in big, big troubles…

What would your character do if someone called them fat?


Dolly would probably laugh and correct them by saying it’s muscle

What would your character do if they woke up on a boat adrift?


Nikolai would remain as calm as possible and asses the time, the weather and what his orientation is.

What would your character do if they won the lotto?


Super happy

What would your character do if he got robbed?


She would pull out her weapon A knife, and kill the person who robbed her… Game Over Robber…

What would your character do if he/she was trapped in a room full of the opposite gender?


Tyr would promptly turn on his inner “Dating’s man” and see how far he can go.

WWYCD: if they got stuck in an elevator that gets no cell phone signal?


Become an emotional wreck for 30 minutes…then try to find a way out…- Nah. Continue being an emotional wreck until someone finds him.

WWYCD if an old lady slapped them?


Tai would look over to where his friend is laughing and think to himself “How old is this lady and how is she still alive?” Because the life expectancy of humans is only 30 or so years at the time that my story takes place.

WWYCD if they were on the sinking Titanic?


My main character would feel regret for not saving all. So good human :joy:

What would your character do if their plane is going to crash?


Roxanne would probably curse all the curse words there is before clinging to her BFF (and secret lover) Claire, meanwhile, Claire would rip the exit open and fly away because she has wings.

What would your character do if they find out their dead relative isn’t actually dead?