What would your character do??? ||GAME||

Tai would feel a very heavy weight lift off his shoulder.

What would your character do if they found out they were just a character in a book?


What I know is my character will not be angry with me.
What is more important for your character family or friends?

Friends, as her friends are her family and her actual family left her .

What would your character do if they saw you in their story?

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Probably be annoyed that he couldn’t figure me out. Or just disgusted with my lack of observation.

Would your character rather be loved, or feared?


Loved. That way she can use them as friends or as enemies.

What would your character do if they had to do something really embarrassing because of someone they hated?


Probably kill anyone who mentions it after that.

What would your character do if they had to learn to play an instrument?

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They will try to find a teacher.

What would your character do if someone tried to harass their friend?

Ciecro would walk up, shove them away, and tell them to piss off before he gives them a punch to their damn jaw and break it.

What would your character do if they had insomnia for one night?

Ash already has it.

What would your character do if they walked in on someone murdering Trump?

Wren would be surprise to have seen Trump at all because she lives in Australia, but she’d just give the murder a head nod to say ‘Hi’ and walk off, knowing her opinion is needed at this point of the murder.

What would your character do if they experience sleep paralysis for the first time?

Panic. He hates being out of control. However, when he came out of it, he would act as if it was boring or not worth mentioning.

If your character was kidnapped/imprisoned for a long time, what would be the first thing they did when they got home.

Pull the Tony Stark and eat a burger :hamburger::hamburger:

WWYCD if they found an abandoned infant?

Dolly would flaunt a lot of love on that poor little thing.

WWYCD if they came across a bear in the woods?

Something stupid for sure. They would creep as slowly as possible, whilst imagining a scenario where they fight the bear. Should the make it out of the woods and back home, you can bet that they’d make up a story about a bear attack and brag for months.

WWYCD if a wanted criminal jumped into their car and told them to drive?

Manny would scar the guy for life. He’s not a human and the only reason he wouldn’t kill the criminal is if Roy was there. Roy wouldn’t shut up about it if this too ended in murder.

WWYCD if their rival/antagonist decided to give up their previous goal and go live on an island, growing tomatoes?

Say “Good for them!” while wondering when he got a rival/antagonist.

WWYCD if they found a briefcase full of money on the side of the street?

Wren would look at it and then take it to a police box, despite knowing that the owner will never get it back because that’s reality.

WWYCD if the were called to help bring a cow down a flight of stairs?

Manny would violently try to shove the cow down the stairs, probably end up flipping himself over the cow and falling down the stairs.

WWYCD if someone wouldn’t stop using dated slang around them?

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Dilna would have a headache trying to understand them, but she’d try her best to smile and be polite. Then she’d avoid them forever.

WWYCD right after they suddenly got shoved to the ground by a friend, but they didn’t know why?

Wren would shove them back and laugh dramatic effect, but as they try to get up she would push them down again.

WWYCD if they saw their house of fire?