What Would Your Character Do If...

The rules are simple.
1, You have to answer the question the previous person asked.
2, After answering the question, you have to ask your own.
3, Anything that is not related to the question and/ or character related should be in brackets.
4, Please shorten it to WWYCD when you ask a question.

I’ll start.
WWYCD if a baby appeared on their doorstep? (Yes, that was a Harry Potter reference)

They would scream and run away.

Wwycd if a chicken pooped on their head?

The core five would probably freak out and run up to each other for help!
WWYCD if they are offered a scholarship in a different country than theirs?

Dolphina would turn it down as she loves her family too much.

WWYCD if they saw someone hurting a puppy?

Amber would shoot first and ask questions later!

WWYCD if they had one hour to prepare for an exam they hadn’t revised for?

Marik would definitely wing it. He never studies strategies for battle anyway so what would winging a test be for him?

WWYCD if they were offered a brownie.

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Noah would eat it.

WWYCD if they made a midnight snack?

Dolphina would make a PB&J sandwich and growl at anyone who questions it.

WWYCD if someone was bullying their family?

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Athena would bully them worse. That’s just how she works.

WWYCD if they realised that they had only a day left until they die?


Dolphina would probably end the coronavirus.

WWYCD if someone shaved their eyebrows whilst they were sleeping?

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Cerise would cast a spell to grow them back pronto & Izaiah would probably not care.

WWYCD if they woke up feeling like something was not right?

That happened to Dolphina when her parents were killed. Luckily for her powers, she was able to bring back her mum.

WWYCD if their siblings/ lover/ bff was kidnapped.


Dropzone: “Here I go killing again.”

WWYCD they wake up to their friends/family doing this


Kushim would probably disown them tbh and get as far away from them as he can.

WWYCD if their dad died.

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Dropzone: “But he’s already dead ;_;”

WWYCD if they were in the Matrix

She would fall into a deeper depression as she’s already convinced she’s the reason he divorced her mom

WWYCD if it was raining tacoes?


Izaiah will get to the bottom of it. It doesn’t rain tacos for no reason.

WWYCD if they find a treasure chest full of gold?

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dolphina would give it all to charity.

WWYCD if they had the chance to get rid of world hunger?

Ross would keep it to himself until it benefited him to reveal it.

WWYCD if they had a gun?

Oaklynn would shoot up her aunt

WWYCD if they either got powers/got them removed if they already have them