What Would Your Character Do In This Situation Game

Just a game that was on the old old old forums that I genuinely enjoyed doing. What would your character do in this situation??

If her/his bf/gf was caught cheating on them??

Can we do more than one character? Like two?


Yeah that’s fine!

Luxora would slap the hell out of the guy and then beat the crap out of the girlfriend.

Arcadia would cry, be depressed, then dump him.

If they brought a car that was stolen the next day?

Amaryllis would try to find out who stole her car. She paid hard earned money for it and she’d be damned if it were to get stolen even before she got to use it properly.

If someone killed their beloved dog for no reason?

Luxora will find the bastard and make them pay.

Arcadia would be very upset but try to get back at them.

If their parents got a divorce?

Amaryllis had always been closer to her father than her mother. While yes, she would be devastated that they couldn’t make things work, she’d instantly move in with her father/take his side. Besides, her mother was a bitch anyways.

If someone close to them betrayed them for more power/money?


Luxora could see her mother doing something like that so she wouldn’t be too shocked.

Arcadia would be very angered and upset by that.

If people started rumors about them???

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Kay would cut (archaic meaning) the culprit so hard they’d sink into the ground.

Atlas would beat the truth out of them—literally if necessary.

What would your character do if their parents set a path for them?

Olivia would follow through with her parents’ desicion since they’ve never given her the freedom to make a choice all her life. She’s mentally stunted by this choice of theirs.

What would your character do if they found out their loving family wasn’t actually their family but was actually a group of people who kidnapped them at infancy for the sake of having a child to love and raise?

Athena would make sure that each one of them gets to pay for separating her from her parents. No matter what the reason is, she doesn’t thinks twice before reacting.

What would your character do if they spot a stray dog in mud?

(I have a superhero character that I use)

Connor would help it out.

What would your character do if they were ambushed in an alleyway by three gunman who were asking for something that your character didn’t have?


Dux would put on his best authoritative face and tell them he doesn’t have it, all the while keeping a hand rested on the pommel of his axe.

What would your character do if they had to defend a position with only 1000 troops against an army of 10,000?


Connor would probably lead the charge against the opposing army. Yes, I know you said they were defending lol.

What would your character do if an alien invasion happened suddenly?

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Amaryllis would probably try to help and see what she can do.

Would your character go see a musical with friends?

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Cassandra = kill them.

Sheala = kill them.

Next question please.

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well, my main character X-47 would probably cry (he’s a soft boi) but my other main character JJ-17 would probably destroy the cheater with a wrench and some water (its a sifi story so they’re all robots/cyborgs)

Connor would not. Unless Bella asked him to…

What would your character do if Thanos turned out to be real and he snapped his fingers?

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Everly is currently not in a relationship. But I would imagine that if she caught her boyfriend cheating on her, she’d be heartbroken and feel betrayed. Yes, I know somewhat cliche. But to her, she’s a person who thinks deeply and loves to connect deeply with others. Sometimes, she feels alone in a world full of constant competition and constant changes in which she can’t catch up. She doesn’t want to catch up, she refuses to be stuck a system filled with fighting or declaring war on the people she loves. But she’s also not the person to mope around in a room eating Nutella and cry. She would remove herself from that situation because she is also strong enough to hold herself. She wouldn’t make him choose between the two because she don’t want an option and neither would she want someone to take control of what she can do best for herself.

My character’s powers are actually rather similar to thanos’s. She’s strong enough to wield the gauntlet, so she’s poof it onto her hand and snap everything back to the way it was.

zombie apocalypse