What would your character do?



How it works

  1. Reply to the last comment, from your character’s perspective.

  2. Write another scenario below that, for the next person to reply to.


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Starting off with a scenario:
Your character is stuck in a 3x3x3 meter box, with a teleportation block for going in or out. What would they do?

Again? Well, maybe not 3x3x3 but … if you read the first chapters you know where the MC comes from. And it ain’t walking out there in freedom. I am sure if I kick him back in a box he will be delighted.

At this point, he is more than willing to do whatever to get out of ANY box. It is one of those baithooks I got in this character I can pull at.

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I’ll be honest and say I didn’t read your book yet. You still haven’t answered what your character would do, though, and you also forgot to add another ‘What would your character do if…’ at the bottom for other players :wink:

Ahum, sorry , not used to these games. Lets see.

What would your character do for enjoying a chocolate bar with tripple chocolate and coconut scavings?

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minor panic I have three vampires to pick from, each from a different world! Eek!

The first would do nothing. Chocolate doesn’t exist in his world, and he can’t eat anything other than blood.

The second is a bit harder. I mean, I don’t even know if Kevin likes chocolate. Now he does. He’d probably walk through daylight for a few minutes for that.

As for the third… hm. Considering his family is rich as hell, he’d probably just pay for someone to get him a bunch of chocolate.

WWYCD if a pigeon flew past, hitting them with its excrement?

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Chirpin would calmly take a napkin from his pocket and wipe his face. Then he would glare after the pigeon, as he thought about what to do with it: leave it alone or have it poop on someone else for his own amusement.

WWYCD if he or she had to introduce his or her significant other to their vampire family?


Mmm troubled, see there is a whole political layer in the story and well, things happened. Not sure if she is accepted. So it will be quite interresting.

WWYCD if the morning strikes and he/she sees a truck full of vampire hunters ride past where they are.

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Deman would grin and kill them - though trucks do not exist in my medieval world, so… woops?

Kevin would hide. Very quickly. In the story, he was turned about a day ago, so he’s terrified.

And Victor… Hm. Vampire hunters are not really a thing in his world, unless they go rogue - and then other vampires hunt them. Considering he’s a royal blue-eye, he isn’t too worried.

WWYCD if they were faced with an angry tiger?

Hemato: I like me some pussy, but you’re a lil big ole chap.

You see a voice mail on your phone, about them offering you a plea deal if you turn in your Comrads who has ties to the Kremlin. Do you turn yourself in, and swallow the suicide pills?

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(I might need to make a rule about things being more generic… two of my worlds have no phones or Russia.

In the morning .-.)

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