What Would Your Character Do


Because I darn well miss these threads on the old forums!

Rules of the game: Pick any of your characters and answer the previous person’s question. Finish with your own ‘WWYCD’ question for the next person. If you arrive after someone who wrote an answer without posing a new question, answer the most recent question in the thread.

WWYCD if the sky turned green?


My character would probably think “What the fuck” and try to see what happened to make the sky turn green.

WWYCD if they suddenly grew cat ears and a tail?

(Btw I missed these threads too xD Thank you for bringing them back!)


My character would probably scream then go on with his day.

WWYCD if they got stuck in a tree? (idk)


Uhh, she would probably jump down, lol.

WWYCD if they had to put ketchup on everything they ate?


I feel like Jay would cringe, but she would do it anyway if she was told she had to do it.

WWYCD if they found their best friend sobbing on the floor?


Jane would pat them on the head or sth because she has no idea what to do.

WWYCD if the world was ending in 24 hours?


She has a space ship at her disposal so she would just move to another planet.

WWYCD to survive the zombie apocalypse?


Whipper would test to see if zombies can climb, then just live in the trees for the rest of his life.

Sethral would get into a zombie-slaying competition with Ryatzi.

Silversand would create a rescue force and dedicate her life to saving survivors.

WWYCD if they found a stray cursed kitten?


Gyl would ignore it.

Sora would take it in.

and Lilith would oppose Sora’s decision, but accept it in the end anyways.

WWYCD if their house was suddenly overrun by spiders?


Ceves would burn it down and Certainia would help him with it (they’re dating for the record).

WWYCD if they suddenly spoke to their religion’s deity?


The heroes may be humbled by Their presence, the neutral ones may get scared, and the villains may badmouth and taunt Them before they realize what a bad idea they did and go straight to the “Eternal Nightmare” with no chance of waking up because of it.

WWYCD if he/she realizes that the enemy thet wanted dead turns out to be their lover?


Everyone would be confused and questioning everything before it all ending up into a giant fight.

WWYCD if they were badly injured and may never fully recover?


Hybus will ask his adopted daughter for a reconciliation and apologize before he finally passes away.

WWYCD if he/she stumbles upon a lycanthrope/werewolf, gets in a fight but realizes that said creature is just a confused and frightened person in reality?


Gyl would kill it anyways, who knows if they could come back with more malicious intents?

Sora would try and spare them immediately once She finds out, but…

…Lilith would finish it off anyways, as a precaution, after all, amidst their confusion, they could easily be used by other people.

WWYCD if they have a chance to get one, and only one wish (no wishing for more wishes, wishing for the power to grant wishes, etc.) granted?


Cal would wish to have his destiny changed to something more normal, he’s pretty self centered haha

WWYCD if one of their hands were chopped off?


Whipper would use ‘can no longer climb trees’ as an excuse to ride everywhere on Wing’s back. He could totally still climb trees.

Sethral would find the person who chopped it off, and reciprocate.

Silversand would find the nicest robotic hand she could and enchant all the children with it.

WWYCD if they grew a tail?


Well, my character is a shifter, lol. Growing a tail is a natural part when she transforms.

WWYCR if an encyclopedia dropped out of the sky?


It better not hit my most unlucky character’s head or he’ll have guards to hunt down the suspect. My main character or his love interest might catch it like they knew it was heading their way.

WWYCD if he/she had to survive in the woods as a little boy/girl?


Gyl and Sora… They weren’t “born” normally, so they never went through a child phase.

Lilith however, She was born in the wilderness and was taught by Her parents how to survive, so She’ll be fine.

WWYCD if they gained immortality (can’t die and doesn’t age)?


SJ would spend his new life researching his immortality. As a hardcore believer in Science, he would try to find ways to further humanity’s development, however, since he loves his family dearly, he would also try to find a way to reverse his immortality. His loved ones would never follow him into eternal life, so that would be his only option.

WWYCD if they ran over a squirrel and killed it.