What Would Your Character Do


Angel would feel like sh**, stop the car, walk back and push the body to the side of the road.

WWYCD if they saw trash in the road.


Wynter would pick it up and make something pretty out of it.

WWYCD if they got no Christmas presents this year?


The characters have no idea or no interest in what Christmas is so it’s like ordinary days for them.

WWYCD if they are tied up and being interrogated by a beautiful but creepily sadistic interrogator?


(I’m not sure if they also get tortured but I’ll just answer as if they do)
Gyl would stay calm and either wait for help or for any chance for escape, He’ll only use His shapeshifting powers only if necessary as the shapeshifting process is quite painful to Him.

Sora would immediately go into a mental breakdown and go into a berserk state, killing everyone in the facility, and forgetting everything once She has calmed down and out of Her berserk state.

Lilith would have no option except to just hold on as long as She can until either help comes or a chance for escape arrives.

WWYCD if they suddenly lost the ability to speak?


My character will probably not think of going to a doctor or some people to help him. He’ll take his disability to speak to his advantage and use it as a reason to not work and depend more to his friends. But he’ll probably have a secret job online.

WWYCD if they began to dream about having an angel that’s guiding them all through their life and actually meeting them when they woke up?


She’d think she drunk too much last night and have hot shower and a strong coffee.

WWYCD if it was very stormy outside on his/her day off?


He’d still venture out into the unknown anyway

WWYCD if they suddenly suffered from severe visual hallucinations?


Depends on the scale. If it completely replaced his vision, Chris would probably believe it and play along, but if it was just like seeing “ghosts” or things like that he would just get really quiet and try to ignore it so no one knows what’s going on.


@cleziness man you gotta make another question…
In his earlier life, Lucien would probably try to make the best of it. But as time goes on, if I’m being honest, he’d alternate between trying to somehow attack his visions, and just letting them consume him.

WWYCD if they were offered a way out of their current lifestyle into a better one?


Oh whoops, totally forgot about that!! >////<


While Gyl would spend a few days thinking about it, He would refuse, after all, the only thing that keeps Him going is the constant hunt.

Sora would leave it up to Lilith to make this decision, She wants to make sure She also wants to have that, after all, Sora wouldn’t want to ruin their relationship.

Lilith would immediately accept, after all they’ve been through, a better lifestyle is the exact thing they need.

WWYCD if they suddenly knew how and when they would die?


It would depend on the how and when. If he thinks how he will die is a good reason to die or if it’s when he’s old, he’ll continue on as normal. But if he thinks the how is a stupid reason (say if he wasn’t paying attention and walked in front of a bus) he’d try to change it.

WWYCD if they were suddenly able to see how and when other people would die?


My MC would use this as a way to either save their lives, if they lived as or changed into good people, or let them surrender to their fate, if they’re evil and chose to stay that way.

WWYCD if they are facing a rampaging berserker about to kill them, and said berserker happened to be their brainwashed friend?


He’d mercy kill him and then feel shit guilty for the rest of his life about whether or not that was the right choice.

WWYCD if the suddenly couldn’t under any circumstance tell (or write, or act out such as a nod when the answer is no) a lie?


well Chester would probably die of embarrassment after confessing his feelings and a lot more .

and Conrad would laugh after exposing whatever secret he would have let out .

WWYCD if a stranger came and claimed to be their birth parent


Tarin would be suspicious and probably angry at the parent for not connecting sooner, but he would come to forgive said parent and accept them as a friend, if not a guardian.

#did happen

WWYCD if they suddenly woke up with wings sprouting from their back?


Mike would meditate to the force to find the cause and after that, a way how to cure it, or at least help the person to live with such thing.

WWYCD If they discover the own a power that appear at the age of adolescents?


That depends on what type of “power” appears at that age.

Gyl wouldn’t get one, since He’s not an adolescent anymore.

Sora and Lilith, they would most likely use this “power” to their advantage as much as possible.

WWYCD if they gained the power to see and communicate with ghosts?


Sethral would attempt to convince them to help her scare the shit out of Silversand.

Silversand would listen to all of their tragic stories, empathize with them, and try to comfort them all.

Whipper would panic, cry, run to his parents and cling to them for the next few days until he got used to seeing things that others do not.

WWYCD if they won a million dollars (or some equivalent amount in their/your currency)?


Heeeey @SmokeAndOranges :wink:

Pinti would FREAK OUT and buy the most expensive herbs that she could not lay her paws on earlier. Buy a new knife and create her own book of potions including the ones that were lost in the fire. The rest she would hoard away somewhere secret.

Eryn would most definitely take her, and her best friend Celeste and go to audition to become models and use that money to become famous within six months or less. She would also pay someone to get rid of Johnny Taylor’s girlfriend so that she can be his girlfriend. And clothes. Lots and lots of expensive clothes for herself and her bff. The rest she’d give to her parents because she’s not THAT selfish :wink:

WWYCD if they were denied their favorite food for a week?