What Would Your Character Do


Gyl doesn’t have a favorite food, He eats because He needs to, so I don’t think He would mind.

Lilith would definitely be sad that She won’t be able to eat roasted spiders for a while, but I’m sure She would be able to find some alternative that would hold Her off for a while.

While Sora also doesn’t have a favorite food, She would just be glad that She doesn’t need to eat roasted spiders for once, it grosses Her out.

WWYCD if they gained control over some weapon of mass destruction that could easily wipe out multiple civilizations if needs be?


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No doubt about it; he’d probably end the world with it

WWYCD if their boyfriend or girlfriend proposed to them?


She would be reeeally flustered and would be completely speechless for a moment before she’d start sobbing.

WWYCD if their best friend died?


Gyl would pay His respects and move on, the risk of dying is a part of their job, He knows of this fact.

Sora would immediately try and find some way to bring Lilith back, but in the end, She wouldn’t be able to find anything, at this point, I think Her second personality will have completed their goal of dominating the other personality, “Sora” wouldn’t exist anymore, only something else.

Lilith would definitely cry if Sora died, She would be shocked, someone as strong as Her, dead just like that, but this isn’t the first time She’s lost someone She loved, and in the end, although it would take some time for Her to move on, She eventually will.

WWYCD if they met a genderbent version of themselves?

  1. Gate and Sylfeia would be silently staring in puzzle at their counterparts which looked like switched professions of themselves.

  2. Ditto with Argael and Synfonia, only that female Argael has Synfonia’s hair length and vice versa.

  3. Condrin would relate to his female counterpart’s furstrations about her boyish face.

  4. Jaye would either laugh at her counterpart’s feminine face, or challenge him to a bout.

  5. Hawke would still say a word or two, if not none, to his female counterpart.

  6. Nadarah would start conversations with her male counterpart like friends at once.

WWYCD if he/she is torn between saving the love interest from being kidnapped and stopping a meteor spell?


Definitely save the love interest. Either he lives alone without her or they die together loving each other.

WWYCD if they found out they had a child they never knew about?


Considering he’s a fifteen-year-old who never went past second base, I think he’d be pretty shocked. First he’d want proof, once proved, he’d probably start questioning if time-travel’s involved. Whether that being as the kid’s from the future, or at some point in the future for whatever reason he went back in time and, uh, did the deed.

WWYCD if a snow storm forced them to take shelter in a cave with their enemy, or someone they just really don’t like if they don’t have a sworn enemy?


Ankou would touch his enemy, which would have his enemy drop dead.

WWYCD if they were trapped in a box, drifting out towards sea?


Stay the fuck there and hope that they wash ashore – and if/when they do… jail break!?!

WWYCD if they found themselves surrounded by children dressed up in crappy ninja costumes.


He’d be confused at first but offer to make them better ninja costumes then try to find out if they’re just playing or something else is going on.

WWYCD if someone left a baby on their doorstep?


Stare at it.

WWYCD if someone jump-scared them in a furry suit.


Punch them. Not out of reaction to be scared but for trying to jump-scare him in the first place.

WWYCD if offered a chance to explore the universe?


Assuming that Gate would be in his final form and will be taught by the Creator,

he will learn the secrets of the universe,

and things beyond space and time without suffering the limitations of his once-mortal form.

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WWYCD if he/she encounters love at first fight?


Gyl would ask His vice, Elise for help in this, He’s not exactly experienced in romantic relationships, nor has He been very interested in having one (but in this case let’s say that His love makes Him interested in doing so), although I think Elise would hestitate, since She likes Gyl, so I think it would be a love triangle situation.

Sora would definitely be the shy type, She’s not exactly experienced in social interactions, so She would only talk to this person every now and then, often being the awkward one that ends up ending the conversation, but I’m sure that Lilith would definitely help Her out with Her lack of social experience.

Lilith would be more agressive in Her approaches, which is both an advantage and a weakness, while this person would get acquainted with Her and know Her well, She’s still young and naive, meaning that She would be easy to manipulate, and if She does get into trouble due to this, I’m sure Sora would come to Her rescue.

(whew that was a long one)

WWYCD if they get transported a thousand years into the future, wherever human civilization will have been by then?


Considering the fact he’s from the 1930’s, he’d be confused as hell to say the least

WWYCD if he found out they’re just a clone and their real self was dead all along?


Freak out, maybe burn down another building, and wonder if that’s why people have called her crazy all along (the clone part, not the building).

WWYCD if they had to give up their favorite food for the rest of their life?


Clyde would immediately jump off his roof and hope he dies

WWYCD if they woke up in a psychopath’s lair?


She’s wonder how she fell asleep in her lair.

WWYCD if someone burned their house down?


The villain would be forced to evacuate and find another house (lair) to build.

WWYCD if he/she stumbles upon a werewolf who wants to make him/her his/her mate?