What Would Your Character Do


Decline. She has a boyfriend and would rather kill herself than cheat.

WWYCD if someone kidnapped them?


The hero pretends to be a distressed dude. He would play unconscious before zapping his kidnapper with his lightning spell like a taser.

WWYCD if an angry monk punches the character in the face?


Gyl would most likely not feel anything and just punch the monk back, and tell the monk to never mess with Him again.

Sora would be a little bit surprised if a monk just punched their face out of nowhere and fall to the ground, and as She goes to stand back up, Lilith would already have stabbed the monk for doing that to Sora.

Lilith’s scenario would almost be the exact same, She falls down, and seeing Her fall to the ground, Sora would immediately activate Her body enhancement spell and punch the monk back in his face.

WWYCD if there was an immortal, never tired spirit that yells out “That’s what She said!” everytime they say something, which only Your character can hear?


Adara would think it’s because she’s gone crazy from thinking about death too much.

WWYCD if their parent told them that they were going to die?


A minor character would be even more distraught over it, but given that it might bring relief to those who were afraid of him, he would simply accept his fate.

WWYCD if his/her lover broke up with him/her because the lover was earlier brainwashed to kill him/her?


She’d be broken-hearted, because she’s convinced this will be one of the last things she’ll experience.

WWYCD if someone went off on a rant about death to them?


Gyl would be mildly interested and listen to their rants for a bit before just leaving if it gets too long for His liking.

Sora and Lilith would get bored out of their mind and either doze off and ignore the rant altogether, or just leave.

WWYCD if they meet their doppleganger?


He’d probably make the doppelganger his decoy for assassins. Every good dictator needs a decoy.

WWYCD if they had the option of making their own life perfect, or making someone else’s life perfect? If the latter, who would they pick?


Someone else’s, and it would be her best friend Skye. Adara would want her best friend’s life to be perfect before she dies (Adara not Skye).

WWYCD if their best friend died of sickness?


They would mourn for them and greatly honor them in some way or another

WWYCD if their closest friend betrayed them?


Sob, but also relish the pain because emotional pain is the only pain she can feel.

WWYCD if they lost their favorite possession?


Want to hunt down the person who stole it! But probably just drink the pain away…
(Oh wait, this should be the main character I’m actually publishing on wattpad about…)
Zack would go into a depression untill something replaces his favorite posseseion, then try to forget he ever lost it in the first place.

WWYCD if they lost stepped in the mud and possibly ruined or lost their shoe/s


Adara would just sigh heavily and retrieve the shoe if she lost one and clean them at school with the help of Skye.

WWYCD if their best friend got a boyfriend/girlfriend/other


(Something I’m actually trying to somehow write into a kids book.)
Luke would think that she’s taking Zack away from him, then realize that if he can make a deal with her, he can pass her off as his girlfriend and his grandparents won’t think that he’s gay.

WWYCD if they got spooked by an open door and backed up into a person holding a baby?


Adara would apologize quickly then bounce.

WWYCD if someone stole their shoes and ran off?


He better not steal Hawke’s, or Nadarah’s, because Hawke can transform into a lycanthrope and track down the thief…

WWYCD if his/her lover, a mage, loses insanity and said lover’s control over his/her magic goes out of control as well?


She’s be worried for them.

WWYCD if their parent slapped them?


Argael would be upset, even if the reason for being slapped is because he wanted revenge on some traitor who treated his adoptive sister horribly.

WWYCD if someone from the adventurers’ party decides to leave because one of the new members, who has an inner monster, joins in?


He’d become suspicious of both characters, especially the newcomer.

WWYCD if someone asked them out on a date?


Gyl would accept Elise’s invitation and the date would go perfectly normally.

Sora would refuse, She’s not going to accept a stranger’s invitation on a date.

Lilith would accept, mainly just for the free food.

WWYCD if they could shapeshift into anything imaginable (not limited to animals, other people, and furniture)?