What Would Your Character Do


They would make sure they looked as little as their previous self as possible.

WWYCD if they discovered they had telekinesis?


Probably complain (silently) to himself before getting distracted and start moving things and then he’d just end up goofing off.

WWYCD if they found a working time machine?


Go back in time and erase his biggest mistake: failing to save the rest of his police squadron. But only after getting drunk to forget finding the damn thing.

WWYCD if they suddenly became the ruler of an entire kingdom?


He’d try to make everyone happy, fail at that, and the entire kingdom would collapse. everyone living there would either immigrate to another kingdom or die.

WWYCD if they were on the roof of a skyscraper as the skyscraper started to collapse?
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Ceves would probably jump to another skyscraper because he saw it in an action movie once.

WWYCD if they were trapped in a haunted house?


Condrin could get freaked out to the point of blasting a wall to get out of there.

WWYCD if your character is with above character and in the same place too?


If he was with your character in a haunted house? Let Condrin blast the walls. He’d sit off out the way and stoically watch to see if it works.

WWYCD if someone threw a shoe at them?


Adam would have probably seen what the person was going to do and would have noticed the shoe being thrown and therefore would have doged it. He would have then left without saying a word. He is very perceptive and aware of his surroundings.

WWYCD if they where asked out on a date?


He would feel obligated to go on that date and have a relatively good time. Doesn’t matter if he knew met the person before. XD

WWYCD if they were called a psychopath by a psychologist?


He wouldn’t be surprised. Maybe a little disappointed to have confirmed, but he had his suspicions.

WWYCD if they saw a yeti?


He’d take some pictures but never share them with anyone. No reason to get the creature hurt after all.

WWYCD they lost a game?


Depends, what kind of game? are there bets? and if there are, are the bets really big?

But I’m going to answer as if it’s just a game for fun.

Gyl wouldn’t care, it’s just a game after all

Sora and Lilith would be pretty bummed out, but they’d still try and try again until they win, even if they’re really bad at it.

WWYCD if they suddenly fell into a huge debt of $10.000.000?


curl up in a ball in the corner of his room and cry, and not be able to bring himself to ask somebody else for help.

WWYCD if they woke up in a place they’d never been to or seen before?


Blame Manny and then go along with whatever Manny is having them do that day.

WWYCD if everyone forgot his or her birthday?


Be thankful. He hates his birthday and hates that his family insists on celebrating it (even if they are sneaky about it, and he actually likes that they care about him enough to still try).

WWYCD if the police showed up at their door?


Ethan would probably lose it and start to think that it’s the end of the world.
Mason would shrug and go play baseball. He would make fun of anyone that is losing it over the fact the sky turned green.


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Gyl wouldn’t worry at all, He’s in a branch of the army that specializes in killing vampires, He would most likely think the “police” is just going to go search His house for a bit and then leave.

Sora and Lilith would be confused and stare at eachother wondering what the other one did.

WWYCD if they get captured by a mad scientist who plans to experiment on them?


HA, already happened…

They would fuck the scientist up if they ever got the chance and would hope that their family, lover and/or friends would find them (if they couldn’t manage to escape by themselves).


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WWYCD if they were told they have only 24 hours left to live?