What Writing Habits Do You Have?


My writing habit is that I have to walk/pace back and forth in order to think of what to write. It’s like, if I have an idea for a story, I can’t just sit down and write it (my mind goes completely blank and forgets words, lol)- I have to move around in order to get a detailed narration and dialogue. (and try to remember them as I sit back down to write. OTL)

Anyone else?


I always tend to write where my characters are looking. I suppose that’s my biggest downfall in the show don’t tell thing, because I’ll literally write “She looked over at the green trees” instead of “the green trees sat to her left” or something.


I don’t know if it’s a habit persay but lately I have Writer A.D.D (and by lately I mean going on a couple years now) where I sit down to write, get a sentence done, then get up and go do something else. Sometimes it could be remembering I have to clean the litter box, other times i literally get up for no reason. I just get up and realize I had no reason to get up.

It’s certainly not a habit I want to keep :laughing: I used to be able to write 100K word books in a month. now I’m lucky if I can finish it in a couple months.


I once had someone comment about showing vs. telling, and even though I do get what they mean, it’s not something that can easily be changed- and I’m just too stubborn to change something because it just seems better to me, lol. :sweat_smile:


Holy moly. That’s a superpower!


I am laughing way too much right now.

100k books. Can I read all of them? :rofl:


Probably more along the lines of I had no life so all I did was write :laughing: I do know that working two jobs put a damper in a lot of my ability to crap out books like they were candy (and for the record, that’s not 100K GOOD words, just 100K :laughing: )


Strap yourself to a chair- problem solved. XD


Wait. Is the 100k BOOKS thing real?

Or did you mean words?


Haha just realized my original post I dropped the “word” after my 100K. Normally I catch it when I drop a word but not this time :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::prisim::ded:


It’s okay. I had a good laugh. :rofl:


Fixed it now :rofl:


I tend to put on music, get a snack, and refill my water. I spend a lot of time pacing, going for walks, and taking baths or showers to come up with ideas. I also almost always write under a blanket, because I’m very cold and have bad joints and muscles. I spend a lot of time clicking my tongue and making faces when writing, and I almost always have a pet with me. Makes it easier to get through the tough scenes, you know?


I make a lot of faces both when I’m writing and drawing too (thank god no one looks at me when I do, lol)- I think it helps with “becoming” your characters, so that kinda helps.