What Wrong With My Writing?


It’s one of those boring Sunday we’re you have nothing to do but instead stares at the windows prowing a lot of rain got nothing to do but to stays stayed in My warmed cozy bed I reached out my phone From the smell table next to me it’s was a message from my mom brought me a lot happinesses a try to control my tears


I am trying to improve my writing
I know my English it’s a mass but it’s okey?


Are you looking for someone to edit?


Yes I would Loved that :slight_smile:


Let’s start…

First sentence: Sunday’s where you have nothing to do…
Second sentence: Makes no sense at all. I would rephrase: where you have nothing to do but stare out the window. Where rain is pounding and I have nothing to do than stay in my warm, cozy bed. (That whole second sentence is a mess, love.)
Third sentence: I reached out FOR my phone from the SMALL table next to me. I had a message from my best friend, Emma.

You need to work on grammar, punctuation, and word phrasing. It is hard to read, but I want you to succeed. There are many punctuation errors and errors with grammar. I would recommend getting grammarly (it’s free) to help with the basics.


Your text does have too many grammar problems to be an enjoyable read, but the good news is that you can easily improve it by employing proper punctuation and capitalization.




What you need to work on is grammar and punctuation. It makes it hard to read when there aren’t periods or commas.

For example:
It’s one of those boring Sunday’s where you have nothing to do but stare out the window. When rain is pounding you have nothing to do but stay inside. My bed is warm and cozy. I reach for my phone sitting on the small table next to me. It’s a text from my mother. The message puts a smile on a face and I try to hold in my tears.