what you think about alternative history? any fans?

As the title says, what you guys think about history with alternative events, for example, what if Nazi won world war 2 story or what if the USA lost the civil war and become small countries instead of one? and you make a story after it (ok good story or not that isn’t the main question) I wonder if there are others here love alternative stories? did you write some? and can it success here? give me examples because I wanna read some so I can make my own story better because I’m writing alternative history after the black death in the Medieval era


Depends on the concept. Personally I really don’t like the “what if Nazi’s won World War II” concept because I’ve seen people suggest it too many times and I think it’s in bad taste ajldkasjfsa like… I don’t wanna think about it! I’m very queer and I’d be VERY unsafe. Also the fact that it’s usually fawned over by white supremecists and neo-nazis as some gross power fantasy, whether they were the intented audience or not

I do really like oddly specific, seemingly small concepts that end up having big consequences/influences on the world. Like what if dodos never went extinct? What if the Titanic never set sail? What if the Great Chicago Fire never happened? What if it was a werewolf mass hysteria instead of a witch mass hysteria?

Also, I’m curious, what’s your alternative outcome of the black death?

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I’m talking about alterntative stories and gave one example of one famous case of alterntative stories around but does it work here? is there many fans for it? and give me an good example here so I can read it and see :slight_smile:
As for my story haha about the black death I created new world with events way different from what happened in reality for example I create new kingdoms (fictional) from the survivors of black death also I said damn 80% of entire earth died with it not just Europe…anyway you are free to read it if you want :slight_smile:

I don’t read much alternative history here, but I started reading a traditionally published one today :slightly_smiling_face:

ahh, I see and what was it? I may give look to it and see if I can learn a few things

It’s called The Calculating Stars, it’s partly alternative history and partly sci-fi.

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My story ATL: Stories from the Retrofuture is set in an alternate history where robots and computers/the internet came about sometime in the 60s or 70s, and completely changed the face of history. There’s a lot of differences, but no specific divergence point like most alternate histories.

I love it! I write it! I read it!

I don’t think it’s right for Wattpad because the audience is very young.

Also, the project I am working on for Wattpad is not past but future (2025) and George Washington would not mix well with the New Little Princess.

Ever try to get secondary students to go to an optional history class?

If anyone writes it here, though, I’ll read it and enjoy.

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seems cool idea i will check it

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:’( well it has some fantasy in it (I will add fantasy aspects in next chapters) maybe to catch some eye for it after all many people love medieval era stuff like GoT

Yes, fantasy will be a good strategy here, especially like GoT.

Even better strategy will be if you can somehow put in a Korean pop star falling in love with an American schoolgirl who accidentally sent him an SMS . . . But I digress . . .

Even most young GoT fans don’t get the connection with medieval history. Tell them they have to watch a movie about the life of King Henry III and you’ll have to nail the door shut to keep them there. So, you are right to sneak the history in and make it look like fantasy.

I would be honored

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Yes I will add light fantasy into it but any suggestion what ? haha I thought maybe I will make the Africans tribes who lived in middle africa under the desert as “monsters” to rest of humans who survived Black Death and back to live in north africa/europe… Since they are acting like savages in middle ages era (you know living on hunting animals ect…) in that region also I will add some magic stuff to make intersting. I had friend who love GoT too suggest to me why not make them “sand-walkers” haha instead of white-icy-walkers and maybe create a wall made by sands instead of ice haha

I think it could be interesting. I really liked The Man in the High Tower. The book was great and the series is creative. I think a book on the black death would get reads. Try posting some on the site.

Posting what? I already added two chapters into my story about the black death? and got a dozen readers so far :wink:
And the Man in the High Tower I watched it as a series and was awesome and already can’t wait for season 4

I must have misread your original post. I thought you were nervous to post your story. Well, good luck to you.

The book is vastly different it really is worth reading if you are into alternate history work.

well no problem I made this post before I added the first chapter…If you want go check it and tell me how it is :slight_smile:
And why not I will check that book too I love alternate history like that

There is so much fiction on here. I’ll add you to my library. I have two I already want to read.

I wish I could read the original transcription of your story. What language is your first language? The premise is really promising.

Well it is Arabic sounds hard one to understand I know…In Arabic I can describe well also less grammar errors than English one but few here read Arabic stories…I got 3 views on it in Arabic.
Btw, I got an editor to help me fix the grammar errors I had in it so you may enjoy it better.