What's going on in your story?


Shout-out to @EEGnobu because you posted this on the original forums, and I wanted to bring it here. c:

This is kind of like an update thing where you can talk about what’s going on in your story, you could even ask questions for help or questions in general (that are writing/reading related)… :wink:

How far along are you in your stories? Page and word count? What is it about and what’s currently happening? How much further do you think you have left? What are you trying to improve on within this story?



^^That’s what happens when I’m writing. xD

Is it just me,

11 pages, 3k words, 2 chapters. need to have sibling moment and get to ocean.


What’s going on in my story?

Sorry, Alicia, can’t ruin it for you.


I have solid 12 chapters, so 38 more to go! Right now I’m just showing how one of my characters ruins everything she touches if she doesn’t use magic. It’s mainly a comedy about fairytales but I can’t wait to write a serious arc!

I need to learn to use more descriptive text in dialogue though. I also need to make side characters stand out more than the already boisterous main cast! I don’t want a popularity contest to get destroyed solely by the main cast!

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How far along am I?

Currently I’m twenty-four chapter in, working on the twenty-fifth and have 55k words under my belt with this one.


Only one chapter left, I can’t wait to finish and yet I am procrastinating. Ugh. :frowning_face:


My story is about a young woman name Ada who is getting ready to graduate high school, but finds out a month before graduation that her mother has Huntington’s Disease.

She decides not go off to college and stay with her family and forms a strong friendship with her teacher and mentor. As it nears graduation, they become closer and the story deals with rumors and the affect they have on people’s lives, pushing boundaries and forming connections with people.

The story is currently more centered on the relationship with the teacher, but I will be adding more with her family during the second draft.

Currently, I’m working to improve my third person writing, something I’ve struggled with for many years. I’m also trying to improve conveying emotions and bringing scenes to life better.


UGH. (My story, not the thread). It’s a YA novel, set in a high school. That is literally my problem. I’m trying not to make it cliche, so any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.


I’m currently at 44,863 words, 99 pages, and no idea how much I have left to go. Since I’m a pantser I just let the story go where it’s going to go. I have ideas for where I want it to go, but they don’t always end up there. I know where I need it to be for it to end and it’s not too far away from that, but still a lot to cover before it gets there.

This one is a sequel to another book. As for what’s happening…let’s see if I can write this without spoiling since I know one person on the clubs reading it. She’d be mad if I spoiled it. :laughing: The characters just got done meeting some creatures long thought vanished and are now getting the last information they need before hopefully eventually converging in the same location and kicking some ass.


I’ll keep track of the thread for when the thought comes up.


I’mma answer the questions now… haha

I’m actually not that far into it. It feels like I am, but I’m just starting the fun stuff. xD

I’m 55 pages in and about 28,282 words into it. :wink:

The story is about a group of friends who go up in the mountains to my MC’s cabin-like mansion for Christmas and end up becoming stranded. It’s winter time (so snow is everywhere), they’re 40+ miles away from society, the cars don’t work, they are completely alone, and phone service doesn’t work, and they have no internet. And what’s worse is when characters die. So it’s kind of like a murder mystery where my MC tries to “investigate” and figure out what’s happening (and later founds out there is a murderer among them) all the while trying to get off the mountain.

Currently, my MC and a friend, goes on a morning jog (before the sun rises, actually) and he becomes scared because his friend left him in the middle of the forest, to pee, and it’s super dark out so he’s kind of paranoid on not surviving. Even though there isn’t much to be afraid of… at the moment, at least. xD

My favorite line would be:

All the questions rose into my mind and I believed, for a second, that I wasn’t going to survive until the crack of dawn.

Although, my most recent paragraph was:

“Well, I have. As a photographer and a bit of a videographer, I have been inside mental institutions and hospitals that no longer ‘exist,’ and it’s creepy as fuck. There’s blood all over the walls, there’s noises, and things that moved around when no one touched it . . . Kyle and I took a few trips to stay around during the night and there was a point where our actual flashlight stopped working, even though the batteries were brand new and it was a brand new flashlight. We had like five different ones and none of them worked, and we tried them before we did the challenge thing.”

^^It’s dialogue… xD

A lot to go. Haha. My goal is to get to 70,000 words. I have about 41,718 words left to go. :rofl::scream:

Besides diverse casting, I really want to nail down suspense! This is my first murder mystery, so I’m afraid that my suspense isn’t all that good. xD



Hahaha, you’re okay. :wink: I’ve actually been meaning to read the newer chapters. I can’t believe I’m three chapters behind! :scream::sweat_smile:


Yeah, I really can’t ruinit for you.


Whoa, that’s interesting! Kind of reminds me of Spongebob’s cousin, Stanley. xD

I don’t think it will be, but I’ll try to keep it updated so it’s easy to see. :wink:


Whoooa! I knew it was around that length, but it’s awesome to know the exact word count. c:


Hahaha, I feel ya. That happens to me almost always. xD


And you are doing amazing at it! :wink: :heart_eyes::blush:


Is there anything specific you’d like help with? :wink:


That sounds like a pretty awesome story!

Same… xD But that’s an awesome word and page count!


How far along are you in your stories?

For my current project, I think I’m at or a little past the halfway mark.

Page and word count?

A little over 400 pages in double-spaced manuscript and 82.7k words.

What is it about and what’s currently happening?

It’s about a group of teenaged dream-diving girls finding a troubled girl and trying to help her after her twin sister died. Story’s on the heavy side with emotional turmoil, but I hope it’s not a turnoff for most readers. Anyway, after a whole crazy fight scene and dream sequence and catapult from a nightmare, mother and daughter are in the kitchen discussing what happened. It’s the mother’s turn to tell what happened in her dream. Now I just gotta figure out what the heck to she’s trying to say. I have some idea and I did a bit of research, but I still haven’t got a handle on what to write yet.

How much further do you think you have left?

I’m not exactly sure, but I’m still halfway or a little past that, so maybe another 50k or 60k words left.

What are you trying to improve on within this story?

I’m not there yet to consider how to improve my story, since I’m still writing the rough draft, but I’m working on narrative coherence and plot direction as well as characterization. I’m actually writing this story in a postmodernist or fragmented way, which is working well for my action / fight scenes as well as a big cast of characters, but this kind of narration takes time to figure out, I think. I’ve already divided scenes and taken scenes out and put them in other parts of the story (which I’ve done twice already), and I’ve rewritten whole scenes as well. It’s a messy process, but rough drafts are always messy.