What's going on in your story?


Craashlandings! The only type to do!


Chapter 6 is now updated !!


Good job :smiley:


Before, the chapter was separated into 9 parts of 500 words. Now, into 2 parts of 2,5k words. One of my longest chapters XD


My chapters are generally 1,000-1,300 words. Makes it easy on me, and it’s bit-sized, too


Hihi, I love the little Christmas hat XD


Thank you <3


Well, for the chapter 7, will have to wait at least 2 weeks XD


Why at least two?


Don’t know. A feeling. Since for the 6th it took almost 1 month XD


And I’ll probably write a new chapter, between the current 6 and 7. It would follow Rakovina and her discovery of the new Earth before she returns to the constellations to take her Cortegians for her plans.


Mmmm, usually my chapters are around 8k words each


How is editing coming along? Last I checked it was midway done.


Have to wait for the 7th chapter. So, still at the same point.


Oh, this thread is back! Yay!

I can finally post in it, because for the last days of writing my characters were making out, and talking. Not exactly a plot point, just building up rationale.

Now Ismar is living down a too high-cost victory that sobers her up a little.


Hmm, that’s an awesome thread.

So, my story, The Shadow Paradigm, is currently at 68,000 words, which is a HUGE accomplishment for me. Never did I dreamed that I’d get this far.
I calculate that I should end toward 90,000 words. Which is in my opinion a good-enough length for a novel. Not too short, but not too long for our era, where it’s getting hard to find time to read.


This is the status of my super computer in my Uploaded Fairy series:

It’s not so much a super computer, but more a symbolic metaphor of “enslaved humanity” itself, and how it evolves over the centuries up to 1,000 years in the future from 2019.

It starts out being closer to “Electronic Afterlife” or something more complex than a “personality” uploaded you might find in books like Neuromancer. But it only gets more complex.

It gradually replaces the internet as we know it, and developing its own conciousness in its own right, and aids in the political revolution between 2019-2097, and eventually becomes a de facto “bonevolent dictator”, that protects humanity from invaders and malcontents.

It’s this AI that constructs “Voreth’s Promise”, a Middle Earth like VR Roguelike, that has noteable effects on players sanity as they play, and even make their physical body degrade and become non functional.

Back once the security is broken into (as of the first book), it begins to have effects on reality, similar to how it originally had effects on individual players, and sets the stage for 21st Century Charlotte, which is a Science Fantasy collection that crosses various genres: Western, Gothic, Heroic Fantasy, Romance.

But while the super computer as we knew it had become a distant memory, the effects of its break down, is still felt in the “Timefuck” phenominon that caused bleedthroughs between the middle ages and distant future, as in Duality Of Centuries.

Then about 3,000 the larger framework predicts the bad guy I introduced in O Raphael, is actually a long dormant AI (with the uploaded personality of a vampire) that keeps humanity in prison in the middle ages, births their human successor.

This is going to be a butt to try to work with if I continue this series.:confused:

And yes, all within slightly less than 170,000 words. (Individual volumes that is.)


Nothings going on because I’ve hit a writing wall.
I have the final chapter loosely written out in my head, goals set, characters positioned, but my fingers seemed to have gone on strike in this area. :persevere: It’s like they’re saying, “we don’t want the story to end!”


Someone died, a secret identity’s been revealed, and Kai Fen, Heila, and Saoirse have left Daleri and are en route to Linast, the capital.


Look, it’s alive!

My MC’s just about to visit the training ground of the sassy young noblewomen who are all very eager to pick up swords and defend their beloved Idezza in their youthful sassy way. Wee!