What's going on in your story?


This is how I write too! I picture all my stories like movies in my head and I have loads of music saved which I imagine is what plays during scenes, which I listen to while I write.

I don’t post my stories on Wattpad because I write purely for myself and worrying about what other people think, as well as stats and reads, kind of ruins that for me. When I have a finished and edited book that I am happy with, then I may consider publishing it on Wattpad.


My main character is on a train which has gone into a tunnel and not come out after way too long



Currently working on the first chapter of a book I just started. I fell in love with a character from my main project and wanted to give him his own story. His name is Alistair Wren, a sullen young mage with people problems.

Alistair just practiced some empathy with his master, which is his worst school of magic. He did fairly well, so his master is going to let him heal a client who is under a trance, which he is kinda wary about, since he really doesn’t like empathy and healing. Spoiler alert, he’s going to mess up big time, but the consequences will lead to the main mystery of the plot.


Xi misses funerals, but he is arrives just in time for the nail-biting coronation of the sassy teen prince who hates all things magical and unnatural.


Can I just say I absolutely love the feeling that comes directly after writing an action chapter?

It’s the first time the Big Bad Guy appears and I feel like my adrenaline is up. Like if a reader could pick up even a fraction of this, I’ve done my job, but I don’t even care. I just wish I knew what came next!

They say people are more likely to read stories that are completed. I wish my story was marked complete just so I could read it.


I’m writing my first book too! It’s a Dark Fantasy story. It about a website call DeadTube, YouTube’s evil twin that is slowly gaining popularity. Kendall videographer that was called to record a swimmer not knowing the video will be a total messed up murder scene, which leads to him slowly becoming mentally unstable. Honestly, I like to try to put ripples of suspense/action, where the MC finishes a huge scene, calm down for a bit, then builds back up the suspense. But I do adore action/horror stories.


I’m writing a scene in my story where two militant revolutionaries convince a talented but jaded magician to join their side.


That’s going to be a hassle for both of the revolutionaries sides as the magician is not motivated to help. I like the idea man.


That sounds super horrific, but super awesome. Is it up? You know what…I’ll just go to your profile and see :joy:

Meanwhile, I’m still editing, and struggling to start up the sequel


lol. Yes, it is up. Its just called DeadTube. What is your sequel about?


It follows an event that happened in the first story, but wasn’t really important. The guy, we aren’t sure if he’s a ghost or not yet, he kind of fancies the main girl but she’s currently with a guy from the first story. The thing is, now she has to figure out how to get ghost boy either away…or figure out if he’s still alive or not

I feel like that was a confusing way to describe that :thinking::woman_shrugging:t5:


Ooo, Ghost lol. I like the idea already. So the man(possible ghost) is starting to like the main girl, but has to make him go away or figure out the mystery of him. Sounds like a obsessive/possible mental story. Whatever you do, I’ll support you all the way man :ok_hand:. I need to read your first story


Right, right! He’s definitely gonna be obsessive and it’s going to provide an unsafe environment for the girl, Cara. She’ll possibly have to require the assistance of Death himself, but they don’t exactly see eye to eye because of what happens in the first book. And thanks, heh, I’ll definitely be there for your updates too, all of them


Is your first book Almost Gone-The Vanishing B1?


Yep! It still needs a lot of work. As I edit, I find that I have to go back and edit again


Awesome! I’ll get to reading that very soon. That’s what writing is all about. Everyone does errors. I’ll definitely need some writing tips for sure.


I haven’t gotten very far. I am only on Chapter 4…it’s been hard cause I’ve had a lot going on in my life. I am super far from the end as I have a whole bunch of assassinations to go through, a bunch of secrets to reveal, and a couple to get together…and a war to spark.


Okay, your story sounds like an emotional rollercoaster, but those are always the best lol


It is!! It’s only the first draft though…and I know I don’t have the skill to write it out entirely how it should be for the first draft. The second/third draft should really see the entirety of the story come out. More so because I am focusing only on two characters at the moment, the couple involved. The third character is one of the character’s twin brother. I won’t pull a GoT but each pov is important.

I need to watch/read some more cloak and dagger as well as political move kind of shows/books.


Your idea definitely got the theme I’m really interested in. I really want to read. Is it out or your currently editing it?