What's going on in your story?


I am writing the first draft right now. Releasing at least one chapter a week though hopefully I can up it to two soon. Trying to aim for at least 2k words per chapter too.

I want to write like Patrick Rothfuss and Brandon Sanderson.


Nice. I remember when I aimed for 3k, so hard, not again. Now I’ll be happy if I get past 1.5k. Keep it up, it sounds like you’ve got a really solid idea going on


Wow. I’m here to support you too man. 2k is up there, but I know you can do it


Thank you both @sky_is_limit and @TheRubyDagger !! I’ve managed to do it closely except for like the Prologue. I may change the Prologue still. But I would settle for 1.5k! I was re-reading Clayton earlier and figured out the word average for chapter was around like 1.5k or 1.7k. I don’t know if it’s the same for Name of the Wind. I’ll go check one day haha.

It is a pretty solid idea. My ideas of the history of this alternative earth is a bit wish…washy but it is a solid concept that I’ve worked on for a while. Mainly cause I’m trying to imagine people’s reactions towards supernaturals revealing themselves in the late 1800’s after the Civil War and the foundation of hate groups of supernaturals as well as supernaturals developing further their own groups.

But for the modern times? I got a solid storyline : D


I would say Jack the Ripper could had been a pretty good supernatural case, but never identified themselves and was in the UK. There is a supernatural story that surrounds my town, and it was during the Civil War, but modern Supernatural is super interesting indeed.


True. Rhode Island has a bit and we can just see how people treated vampires. Heck even the hysteria involving witches is a good example of how people react.


North Carolina was full of Battles. Majority stories are in the form of Ghosts and serial killers. Would you use a time machine to travel back to the Civil War era?


Nah. No time machines, no time jumping. Time manipulation is not a thing in my urban fantasy world. That’s just…to much lol.


Well, meh that is true, but it would be a nice experience. It’s amazing how many people have proposed that idea over the years.


Don’t get me wrong, I would love to time travel or better yet, to witness history like a movie. To be able to see Roman battles, to see Da Vinci paint, to see Buddha teaching, to see who Jack the Ripper really was, or the Pyramids being built…heck, that would be so amazing to see.

I did read a science fiction story once that followed that thread. There was some item that was created that allowed people to view in the past. It was a really fascinating read but I don’t remember what it was titled. Heck, if I could time travel I would love to be able to learn the oral tradition of the Druids. I would love to find out what we lost.

That’s the cool thing about my alternative earth story is that…nothing has really been lost because of various really old supernaturals. There are even a few who remember the time they were hunter-gatherers or they remember Mesopotamia and Babylon.


Ohhh. So your story has some points where history wasn’t technically lost?


Yes! But that doesn’t mean there are not lost civilizations as supernaturals are not everywhere.


Okay, okay, okay. Now I understand the concept lol. I’m sorry, I am very new here still. I was like “Wait a minute :thinking:, I’m slightly lost!”


Hey it’s all good =D I have so many story ideas in my head. At least of the main series for my urban fantasy I have a total of 4 books planned out with two that are off-shoots, though they focus more on romance than the action part of the 4 books.


I just recently started a book up here myself. I do have a series planned out, but what will it be about not quite sure lol. I was thinking for every book, it be surrounded by a specific genre.


Sometimes your own story will surprise you?


That’s so true. You never know what you’ll write until the work is there in front of you


If it does, I would buy drinks for all.


In my story, one of our characters recently got out of the hospital after a serious injury and illness. He’s not having an easy time adjusting to the outside world again, a lot of changes happened during his hospitalization.


I’m at 23 chapters, roughly 33,000 words at this point… there’s a lot more to go! At this point in my story I’ve had to come up with a way for someone to witness the memories of another person… it’s fanfiction, man, I should’ve stuck to canon but apparently I like to overcomplicate things XD