What's going on in your story?


Witnessing memories is something I’ll need to do too. But several of my niece and I’s characters are telepaths, so maybe it won’t be too difficult.


I think its really cool how you are doing this with your niece! That would be really cool to work with someone to write a story! I hope you and your niece are liking your story so far! In a previous message, I saw that you guys were really far, so great job!:grin:


Thank you! :blush: I would never be able to pull this story off on my own!


Hi everyone, I’m 41k words right now and :disappointed: I’m trying to write this scene of my MC’s first day at her newly wedded elderly husband’s castle (one she was blackmailed into marrying for an alliance between two factions) and sigh, I’ve been stuck here for weeks now, I think. All these things that need happening, but I don’t know what to give importance. Her husband has yet to touch her (she’s barely two years older than his daughter, her stepdaughter) - to her relief, but this makes their relationship all awkward and I don’t know how to show it. He’s avoiding her by his spending time on planning war efforts with her brother. I need her to get acquainted with the rest of the household but I don’t know what responsibilities her hubby will feel comfortable allowing her to take (while still avoiding her) and whether I want her to be proactive in taking over household duties (like account books, managing servants etc). I don’t know how to inject the teenage daughter and her host of feelings along with her maternal aunt (sister of the first wife) who’s been the main woman looking after her. And then of course, there’s the MC’s fake brother who needs to have a talk with her, as well as the assistant he assigned to her and when do I let the assassin make his first attempt on her life? Sorry for the rambling. I just needed to let it out somewhere.


So, my character is settled into Stonerbrooke… I mean Meadowbrooke and is about to eat dinner when a group of girls decide to test her.

Not smart of them…


Telepathy would be a big help, I’m sure! I’ve seen a lot of interesting handlings of this topic (not least of which the Pensieve from the Harry Potter books!).

What a cool project for you and your niece too! What made you two decide to work together on a book? :slight_smile:


My story is about a team of vampire hunters who have to keep the secret of the existence of vampires a secret from humans…while some want Vampires to be out in the open. I have 13 chapters, 42 pages and 12,648 words. I do have some character development and I’m having trouble continuing the story.


We’ve all been there. Try skipping ahead a chapter or two, that might help. The attempted assassination might be a good spot to start. Pick a random time frame, say two full moons, and go from there.


I’d say this line sums it up pretty well.

We have the most dangerous job in the world: fighting evil gods that fall from the heavens, and my best friend is one of them. I sure know how to pick ‘em.”


We created our first characters when my niece was six and I was ten. I came up with a plot about residents in a small town, and we used to sort of act out scenes. Then around 2007-8 we started writing the book. She was 17 and I was 21. Our first attempt filled six spiral notebooks, and was pretty silly. We tried again in 2014 but weren’t sure where to take it. Then in November 2017, we decided to reboot the story, using our best writing after practicing with fanfiction since 2009. It’s been a lot of fun.


I hate that :frowning: I’ve had that happen to me before and it’s really frustrating!


Is she in conflict with the other female characters? If the union is political, she needs to push into those positions of power, overtaking the lead female duties as soon as possible, or she might never be able to.

The wife’s position is very important, not only financial, but in creating a network of relationships with the country nobility and the lord’s clients. In a medieval story, her role is to build the family’s prestige and the goodwill of others. SHe would surround herself with the daughters of the local nobility, forming her court, organize entertainments and visits, listen to the petitioners, correspond with her own family and her husband, review defences of the castle, prompt rebuilding to her liking, patronize artists or artisans, and oversee charitable offices.

Even the completely walled off Clarice Orsini after marrying Lorenzo the Magnificent who was shuttled back and forth from Florence to the Tuscany countryside to get impregnated and stashed away (because Lorenzo’s mother was the one who ran the show in Florence) managed to stick to her Orsini roots and keep the goodwill in Tuscany as was her duty that eventually led to the family’s survival when they were ousted from Florence.

Working herself up on the political ladder is her duty as a lady.


That’s amazing! So much fun :slight_smile:


I just finished the first chapter of my sequel guys…I kind of hate it though. It doesn’t seem like it matches the characters at all. Maybe after a couple more chapters I’ll get in the groove?


Yes, it is very likely. :slight_smile:


My story is 9 Chapters long and 47 pages so far. :grinning: Just focusing on writing and then writing some more! I find it hard to finish a chapter once I’ve started it. When is a good place to end? I have so much I want to tell the readers that it’s hard to choose a stopping point.


In between scenes is a good spot. Or right at a point of high tension.


Xi weathered the fear of repressions against all mages, and now I am writing a small imitation ‘wonderous travels’ tale before the new teen Emperor by the faery who brings the Dragon & Fenghuang Solution to the table. It’s fun so far.

But I need to go back, and give Xi more anxiety because his family was annihlated in a purge to the third degree of relationship before his birth. Well, at least I keep remembering to add Minh’s to his thoughts. For a sterile mage, Xi has a rich lovelife… at least in his mind.


A Baby Shower!!!

Congratulations to our MC Erin Rose for makinh it this far.


8 scenes in which two of my MCs get into a massive fight with one of my villains in a ballroom with dagger-wielding spectators threatening to enter the fray. Dear God, help me!