What's going on in your story?


Oh. Boy.


There’s a very high likelihood that it might turn into a bloodbath, but that’s what the Mature rating is for.


three of my MCs are being forced to fight druids who lost part of their “docile” psyche, while my three minor ones are trying to defend themselves and the druids who lost their “feral” psyche


one of my main characters is trying to convince another, telling him who she really is, but he doesn’t believe or trust her, because he doesn’t know about the fantasy aspect of this world yet. He’s been operating on real-world logic this whole time, and it’s going to be difficult to explain to him what’s really been going on.


I have a fantasy romance ONCE UPON A [STOLEN] TIME available on Wattpad which is book 1 of the series. Right now, I plan to publish book two in February after keeping my readers awaiting for so long. These days I’m busy in editing and reaching out more bloggers to post reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. I’ve also written third book but once editing and proofreading is done on book two, I’ll work on book three and then start writing book 4.


I tend to delete my works after whole day focusing to complete it because i think its not good enough or people will get bored to read it. I mean the beginning is kinda ok but slowly i feel something is missing. :pensive::pensive::pensive:


Just sad over my book.


On to the fourth draft. Word count is roughly around 60,000. It’s a Science-Fiction story about the colonizing of Venus by Lock Industries, only for the same colony to sever contact with Earth for twenty-five years with no reason given. Now after twenty-five years the Eden colony as it is known, has mysteriously reached out to Earth for help. Forming a coalition of various industries and government assistance, the son of Tucker Lock, founder of Lock Industries, is driven by pride and profit to reclaim what he feels is his birthright.

I’m a serious underwriter so I’m looking for ways to expand my prose by delving deeper into the characters psyche and expanding sub-plots. Hopefully that does the job. I want to at least add 20,000 more words. It’s so tough.


My MC Erin is getting ready to have her baby #)


Started chapter 9 with a nightmare. Now I’m trying to figure out the rest. I know what I need to write… just figuring out the best way to attack it.


I know the feeling. :sweat_smile:

  1. How far along are you in your stories?

-I’m feeling around 65% into my novel, but I’m a pantser, so… We’ll see!

  1. Page and word count?

I don’t know my page or word count because I don’t track that kind of thing for first drafts. But I have 24 chapters!

  1. What is it about and what’s currently happening?

-At the moment, a character has died from the pox and my MC is comforting her brother.

  1. How much further do you think you have left?

-65%, I think!

  1. What are you trying to improve on within this story?

-I’m just trying to finish this thing :rofl:


I think I’m about 50% done, but I will be doing a second book too :slight_smile: I think I now have around 10, 000 words, but when I’m finished with the book and after many edits, I am hoping for at least 40,000 or more words. I have 10 chapters right now, and right now my main character just got back from a romance scene!! :wink: :blush:


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yea it is a bummer and I am considering starting something fresh on something new…I do want to continue the story though.


Xi and the faery walk through the portal, they sense that someone died trying to follow them, and… here comes that awesome detailed planning piece of my outline that says “they have some adventures in the Heavenly realm”.

Now I have to close my eyes for a while and think, if this was a videogame, what would I like to play?


So Idk, but I kind of did an oopsie with my story by developing it too fast in my first draft. Now I try to edit the heck outta (not yet published) parts to make it feel less rushed. (and ofc trying to do so without just filling the gaps with literal “fillers” but actually add to the story) No one told me it would be that hard to add more details and time between scenes when you already typed out around 200 pages. I don’t wanna destroy the flow, and I keep glancing at my old timeline and it seems like I will be greeted by plot holes and times not matching up if I’m not VERY aware and careful what I am doing now with every chapter I edit. I feel sort of like a time traveler…you know, going back into the past, messing with time, fixing mistakes that may or may not have a negative impact on the future.


On ch16 of Mist… Never reject an authority figure’s attempt to bribe you just because you believe you’re doing the right thing. Also, being a “coward” and a “valiant hero of justice” is briefly discussed in this scene. Which one you’re better off as?

Authority Figure: “Cowards actually live longer.”


You know what I have done when I am struggling with a story I do several things.

  1. I go read a book or two, focusing either on a book that is in the genre I am writing in or outside of the genre.
  2. I start from the beginning and begin a re-write.
  3. I write a short story based around the story.
  4. I introduce a new character.
  5. Worse comes to worse I start a whole new story for a week and then go back.

Cause sometimes you need a bit of distance from a story. Or ask a friend to read like a lifeline.