What's going on in your story?


1. How far along are you in your stories?

I’m 52 chapters into my book and still ongoing. Since it’s in the first draft stage, I’ve made the decision to just write as much as I feel that it needs right now and then start bringing it down and cutting things out when I get around to doing rewrites. Honestly, I can’t edit things in the middle of writing because then I end up cutting or changing huge chunks of the book and not actually getting any, y’know, writing done.

2. Page and Word Count?

52 chapters in and… quite long. I don’t really count them in the first draft, to be honest.

3. What is it about and what’s currently happening?

The story is told from the first person perspective of a psychopathic serial killer. It’s told as a series of letters that she is writing from prison, all addressed to her younger sister. The book goes in-depth into the MC’s mindset, what makes her tick, what her life was like before her incarceration and what drives her to do the things that she does. It’s fairly brutal and I don’t sugarcoat anything in it — it’s intended to make people think.

I don’t want to say what’s happening right now without spoiling anything, but the MC is currently taking a trip somewhere.

4. How much further do you think you have left?

Quite a bit, I think. There are still a number of things that need to happen. But as I said, I’m just trying to write now and those loose ends can be tied up later.

5. What are you trying to improve on within this story?

I’m more of a ‘write first, edit later’ person so at the moment I’m not really looking too deep into improvements. I’m just trying to get the story told and once it’s completed I’ll be taking a break for a while before coming back with fresh eyes and being able to see the bigger picture, which will help me when it comes to edits and the writing of the second draft. I’m a pantser at the moment — chapters are planned but that’s done on a chapter-by-chapter basis. :slight_smile:


Thanks…I think I am going to try some of those things.Short story writing was easier when I did it…a whole novel can be intimidating. I am interested in possibly trying a different genre because I did end up writing one for a class once and It came out pretty good.


Adding in my fight scene of 2 girls vs. 3 girls along with dagger-wielding crowd of masqueraders was a no-show. I was already 6k words in when I realized that it still wasn’t gonna happen, so that’s gonna have to be pushed back to the chapter after the next chapter. :rage:


Xi is on the doorstep of the Heavenly Realm. Finally!


Writing on the part where the female lead just choked the male lead with a barbecue stick.

And oh.

They were planning to murder some priest because an angry farmer said so.


two MCs who can fly have been separately captured by two opposing elven factions, which concludes my second book, now i am on with the next


“I know what you did when Rick didnt come calling.”

Writing a walking dead fic and feel like that line is a new life motto like if only


Don’t feel bad. I have two really intense chapters that won’t get published for a long time. I’m on chapter 9 and those two are in the 20s.


Mikey and Cara have just left for college, they’re driving down now. First chapter of the sequel and it’s trash lol


So far a bunch of kids have been brutally killed and one of the five that remains is a psychotic cannibal.


That one line made me think of the video game Until Dawn heh. Sounds emotionally draining but that’s my kind of story!


Erin is at the hospital giving birth to her baby


A dead girl tries to talk to Death about why she’s still wandering earth and he’s too busy for her.




The novels I’m working on are set in an alternate history that diverged in 1947 for reasons revealed in my short story. I’ve mapped out the global events through the 1980s that could span several stories but am only in the first part of the first one

In the first novel, set in 1956 agents of the Major Crime Bureau, a special law enforcement agency dedicated to upholding equality struggle to fight back against a resurgent KKK that has taken issue with the spread of civil rights across the nation. Currently writing the massive operation near the beginning (chapter 6) that goes nothing like it was planned and this kicks the plot into gear as they deal with the aftermath and realize the operation may have been too good to be true


Xi is fine. I, on the other hand, am trying to come up with a task a Celestial can ask Sayewa and him perform in the Heavenly Realm. I do not want to ehadh a trope of ‘show how humans are deserving/cool’.

Gone thinking.


In chapter 5: Three-Legged Dog of The Element of Life, a flashback that started in the prologue continues. In the prologue, Jasmine and Elliot meet at a party and become interested in each other. In chapter 5, they’re leaving the party and planning on sneaking into a pool that’s closed for the winter. On their way, they come across a three-legged dog and Jasmine wants to take it with her. Elliot isn’t crazy about the idea but agrees anyways because he’s interested in Jasmine.


I’m about halfway done with chapter 9. Hopefully I will finish it tonight so I can post it.

Not that anyone reads it… but at least it’ll be done…


aw. . . I’m sure many people would like ur book!


All 5 of them yes…