What's going on in your story?




Xi and Sayewa are staring down at the maze in the city that defies comprehension. They must get through the maze to steal secret alloy samples.

None of us are looking forward to the experience.


Okay so my MC got a job in a coffee shop and her new bestie (who has been cheated by her boyfriend with her ex-bestie) was asked to the dance by the MC’s crush.


Cathy was just taken over the knee and got her butt spanked by her tutor Allie at that 1960s’ boarding school for girls


Oh my nads. Emotionally draining, gotta read


:thinking: interesting…is it up? Your story I mean


that escalated quickly


Right now i dont know exactly but for the most part im pretty sure, shes gonna find out shes pregnant soon and in my other story she dropship just landed on earth and six is eyeing a certain member of the 100


I have 8 chapters about a girl who is being secretly filmed by a stalker. My only problem is that I don’t want it to come across to cliche.


not so quickly, I think … it is happening no earlier than in Chapter 19


the story is in status ‘ongoing’, it can be found by following a link on my profile


They both collide with each other under very awkward circumstances. She doesn’t know that the rude boss that she’s gonna work under is infact the asshole she had met 6 months back, who she disliked with a passion because of his horrible attitude and stoic persona. She retorts on his face in front of all his employees and he’s combusting with anger.

For more read ‘Etched’ by @strawberrywearsskirt :wink:


After a long uphill climb, a recovering sexual assault victim finally achieves his goal of becoming intimate with his partner.


Sayewa and Xi are about to report to the Mistress of Rats and conceal the fact that their heist was not a glowing success. IF I can push through the transition scene that eludes me.


Nicole just me her new therapist at Meadowbrooke. She is going to give her half a chance before she goes b**** mode on her.


Mikey and Cara have just arrived at their new apartment. I think they’ll have a surprise visitor drop in on them.


I’m currently twenty-six chapters in my story. I’ve written 96 pages on google docs and have about 1k words per chapter (although some have way more or a little less). 36k in total.

It is about children fighting a war inside virtual reality. Since they have no use in society (Grade wise, job wise, or have no opportunity) they can participate inside the game for a chance to become famous and get some cash while doing it.
From the chapter I just wrote, the MC, who had her memories wiped, reunited with her possessive ex. She doesn’t remember him, and doesn’t want to. The loli of the group sees this and is determine to save her. So he is currently going through the vents to get the drop on the guy while they wait for reinforcements to arrive. (Just a mild summary).

I believe I am half way through with the story. I realized that I am 26 chapters in and realized I have more to add about the characters I am writing.

I am mainly trying to improve reader activity. As you can see, I write a bit differently (more formally, I suppose?). So I am mainly focusing on formatting and if my plot is interesting enough.


I’m on chapter twelve of my new story and my couple is out furniture shopping. lol


Now they’re in a snow ball fight. :):smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m currently on Chapter 45 and about 110k words in. I’m pleased with how it’s going, and I finally get to write the big scene next! I’m super excited to finally get it on the page; this is the third book in the series and I’ve had this scene in my head since book one. :smile: