What's going on in your story?


Chapter 6 of The Element of Life was released on Friday. In this chapter, Jasmine is on the bus with George talking about a crazy teacher and a crazy theory he has. As they pass by the park, Jasmine notices a strange light and is interested. George doesn’t seem interested. During that evening, Jasmine sneaks into the closed park and find the light. She touches it and it does crazy things to her body. A moment later, she picks up a stick and puts into the ground. The stick grows into a tree within seconds. Moments later, she touches a flower and it dies. She’s also able to reverse the flower’s death and brings it back to life. Jasmine has the power to bring things back to life or to take away life.


The 36th chapter of my book is finally up, and the MC, after being kidnapped and nearly killed by a jealous monster who wants to kill her lover, realises at last that her current man is the reincarnation of her dead husband.

One more chapter to go for final shock twist ending.


Oooooh plot twist!


In the aftermath of her spanking Cathy is in a grumpy mood but still has to attend the remaining classes of the morning and the afternoon. In the locker room, as the girls get ready to hit the showers, Mallory Carmichael congratulates Cathy for ‘standing up’ to their history teacher in class, the incident that got Cathy in trouble in the first place. Later that day Cathy reports to her Temporal Instructor on the ansible.


I wrote a lot about orbs. Not the emerald ones for the MC to gaze into, the helpful magic servants kind of orbs. Now, I feel like going back, and say they are emerald. But I won’t. :slight_smile:

Anyways, Xi and Sayewa just left Celestial Realm.


Nikki just met her therapist for the first time in Red Light. She decided to play nice for now.


About to send Xi to sort out his relationships with his mother & get an insider scoop on the palace intrigues from the guilt-ridden singer.


Working on a character development moment atm. After this touching little moment, well, let’s just say that it isn’t looking pretty for the MC.


Just started work on the second draft of my main project and I’m super happy with it. I’m going for a 1930’s style setting, as opposed to Medieval.

Alistair and his friend Cosmin are two young mages on their way to university. Clocks across the city mysteriously stop, so they miss the train. While they are waiting for the next one, they practice one of the spells in their textbook, which requires one of them to grant the other a vision of the Void, the plane which exists outside of the Universe.

When Cosmin looks into the Void, he sees a woman named Emily, who turns up in next chapter. She is the engineer who operates the clock system at the next train station.


Mysterious :slight_smile:


From the newly posted chapter part, female lead thought she was becoming libidinous, she realizes that’s just the scent of magic lingering about the male lead. :joy:

She’s never met other folks like him, seems that her research was right all along.


The main character just learned the alien who claimed to be a bounty hunter is actually a con man.


In my current chapter, I’m trying to figure out how I’m gonna include an infiltration setup that ends in a Sleeping-Beauty style kissing scene. After that, I’m looking forward to a fight scene between two pairs of characters. After that (in my next chapter) comes the bloody fight scene between 4 girls and 3 girls in a ballroom full of dagger-wielding masqueraders. How all three things will go, I’m not sure, but that’s what I’m gonna write.


MC reviewing the skills she has learned from the parasitic alien in her. Then the serpent summoner comes.

Incoming fight between this tiny girl MC and a gigantic naga brute.


Finally got Xi/Sayewa out of the Celestial Realm with the How to Make a Dragon scroll collection. That’s Part 2 done!

Next, going to kick off Part 3 with the River Viper’s pov, because he’s now got upgraded to the Main LI. His character was the biggest surprise for me in this novel.


Cathy finally gets a chance to read in her roommate’s notebook. She finds more new questions than answers. In particular, there is a puzzling set of mathematical equations that differ from the standard Fogg solutions. She feels awkward about reading Natalie’s personal diary and seeing herself through her roommate’s eyes.
Last but not least Cathy learns that while it is true that a girl has needs, discretion may be the better part of valour when she is tending to them.


I currently have 12k words (around 30 pages) which makes a total of 6 chapters. I’m in the beginning just yet but the next chapter will get some action.

Basically my story is developed in 9th century Scandinavia. MC is a witch and there are two guys, brothers, who are in love with her of whom she is marrying one.The other guy has an SO but he basically tries to sabotage the marriage although he doesn’t admit he has actual feelings for her. In the last chapter, MC and the other guy has shared a kiss. I don’t know how long will it take me to finish the book, all I know I want drama, I hate happy endings.

I literally don’t know yet how will the story end and I feel like I’m struggling with the descriptions of what’s happening. I think I make somewhat realistic and good dialogues, I do my research, but when it comes to the plot and descriptions, I lose my sh.

I would appreciate suggestions on what people think should happen next, but if not - that’s okay too. I have read some great descriptions here so I think I know I’ll be busy discovering your stories.:heart:


Chapter five now and about 17,000 words in. The characters are recovering from a really tough mission and just learned that a serial kidnapper was after one of them. I’m at the part where they’re conversing to the Minister (the head of the village where they reside) about it, and he tells them to keep it under wraps.


Right now my character is having a little moment with her best friend and realizes he has feelings for her. But. . . she has a boyfriend. I already have everything planned out, so I know what has to happen next but I feel like this last chapter I wrote feels awkward and terribly written. Any help?


Descriptions are tricky since it can be overdone or underdone.
Try to read some other books that have description, it can inspire you! THat’s how I learned but I’m still trying to find the right balance